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Feliz Cinco de Mayo ~ Collecting Vintage Bauer Pottery and the NEW Bauer Pottery Company

May 5th = Cinco de Mayo

There's plenty of info out there about this day and its importance to Mexico. [CdM History links.]

But for us gringos, it's the perfect excuse to drink tequila and cervesas with our tacos and guacam-ole!

If I were still living in Southern California, I'd pull out one of my vintage Mexico-themed tablecloths, and set  the table with my colorful vintage Bauer Pottery dishes, and have a PARTY!

I'll bet you thought I'd say FIESTA, and then show you pix of vintage Homer Laughlin "Fiesta" dishes... like this:

But I don't collect Fiesta. I used to collect Bauer Pottery, and still have a lot of my fun rainbow-colored collection displayed in my kitchen.

I am especially fond of my group of rare hand painted Bauer plates. Here's a fuzzy shot of a few:

Bauer was one of the great "CALIFORNIA POTTERY" companies and is highly collectible. For Bauer history check out these sites:
Photos of collections of vintage Bauer pottery:

Here's the gorgeous kitchen set from the TV show The New Normal, chock full of vibrant California pottery tiles and dishes. I'm sure many pieces are from the gorgeous line of NEW Bauer Pottery.

There is a great line of new Bauer Pottery , that looks like the original, but is clearly marked as new. They imprint "Bauer 2000" on the bottom of each piece.

You can get your damaged vintage Bauer pieces restored. They are set up with the right glazes and colors.

Oil Jar during repair (left) and after (right)

They are even reproducing the Bauer Russel Wright pieces.

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