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Collecting: #Vintage LEAP YEAR POSTCARDS

I just love antique postcards, especially the amazing artwork on what I call "The Pretties". Art that has stayed vibrant and colorful due to the old printing and lithography methods. I like that there were postcards for just about every taste, theme, subject, and holiday.

Even the oddest of holidays like Leap Year, which is more than a calendar correction. It's the special day where the gal gets to chase her man, with society's blessing, but only on the one extra day that comes in February every 4 years.

Leap Year is the chance for single women to grab themselves a husband, and he "can't" say no.

There are many comical postcards for this tradition. Some show pretty modern women being assertive, and others show less attractive "Old Maids" using whatever means they can to catch themselves a feller.



Informative and Fun Sites

You can find out more about collecting Leap Year Postcards, who the publishers were, the artists, and see lots more pix of these fun postcards.
  • Antique Trader Blog -- an article by Roy Nuhn discusses the legend and lore of the Leap Year courtship aspect.

  • The LeapZeum -- Deborah Hyland's site shows a selection of the various series of Leap Year cards.
  • Card Cow  -- Card Cow's Leap Year postcards sale page.

  • Moody's Postcards Blog  -- The February 2008 posts show many great Leap Year Postcards, and tells a little about the history of Leap Year.

  • LeapZine  -- All about the history of wedding proposals on Leap Day, illustrated with Leap Year postcards.

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