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R. Boose Opened the 1st General Store in Lima Ohio in 1860 ~ His Trade Tokens

Civil War era trade token: R. Boose Dealer in Drygoods Lima Ohio w/ Union Shield 1864 on reverse.

R. Boose's store is between the CITY BANK and Fluke and Bailey's Drug Store in the Baxter's Block building, pictured above in an 1864 ad. [Source]

In 1860, Rudolph Boose opened the first general store in Lima Ohio.

"Rudolph Boose attended the country schools of Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and also had some collegiate training before he left that state for Ohio. 

At that time Rockport, twelve miles northeast of Lima, was the larger and more important trading point, and he settled there and conducted a general store. 

After three years at Rockport he moved to a location three miles north of Lima. At the time of the construction of the large stone arch by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad over Sulphur Spring Road he conducted a large store, and continued at that point for two years. 

He then moved to Lima, and in 1860 opened the first general store in the city, in what was then the New Baxter Block, and is now occupied by the Crawford Shoe House. 

In 1868 he retired from the mercantile field and became a stockdealer, buying and shipping cattle. Having faith in the future of Allen county, he invested in its land and became the owner of 280 acres of farm land. 

His death occurred in 1871, while he was still actively engaged in business." [Source]

Boose token variation w/ Lady Liberty profile (wearing a Phrygian cap*). Fuld's Guide to Civil War Store Card Tokens says that there are 4 types and 6 varieties of R. Boose tokens.

Alfred C. Baxter started the City Bank. He and his brother entered banking in 1874 under the name Baxter Brothers & Company. In 1881 Alfred C. Baxter sold his interests to Thornton Mitchell (T.T. Mitchell). [Source]

Baxter's Block burned down in February 1879. [Source]

No info on Fluke and Bailey's Drugstore yet, other than an 1865 newspaper ad, and a comment in a letter from Civil War soldier, Samuel H. Bassett, saying that Bailey wanted too high a price to sell the store - link.

Bassett was a young boy from Lima who volunteered at only age 15. He sounds older and wiser than a mere 15!

Dear Father:
Your letter in answer to mine in reference to buying Bailey's store, is received. It is not very satisfactory on the main question but I presume I am to understand that a reasonable bargain cannot be obtained from Bailey. Well if he wants to be coaxed as well as liberally paid, he can consider me out of the ring. I would like very much to be owner of a nice drug store in Lima, but if people are so excited there as to want as much for a good will as the stock is worth, I will try and find another location. I am sure the World is not entirely taken up, even if Lima is. Enclosed is a list of articles I would like you to send me immediately by Express. I consider myself a fixed institution in the Army and propose hereafter to devote my attention to making myself comfortable. Do not delay sending these things any longer than you can possibly avoid. Send a "bill"/ Direct to my address "Post Hospital", Augusta, Ga. I am well and living comfortably.
                                Your son

Samuel H. Bassett eventually worked for the U.S. Treasury in Washington, D.C. [Source]

Source: Bassett / Bassitt family history here.

*What's a Phrygian Cap?

During the 18th century, the red Phrygian cap evolved into a symbol of freedom, held aloft on a Liberty Pole during the American Revolutionary War. 

Pronounced [fridge-ee-un], you can see one on Boose's token.

The cap was adopted during the French Revolution, along with other symbols adopted from classical Antiquity.

To this day the national emblem of France, Marianne, is shown wearing a Phrygian cap. [Source

[And my name is Marianne.]


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