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Beaded Bags -- Collecting Antique Beaded Purses & Sold Prices

[Info about collecting beaded bags after the jump...]

A rare Weiner Werkstatte beaded purse that sold on 1st Dibs.

A rare beaded bag from a private collection on display here.
She has so many beautiful beaded purses for sale, too - like this one available here:

After seeing that pretty framed antique beaded purse at an auction the other night, I thought I'd look at some more beaded purses online, to compare and learn what to look for. Wow! There have been some gorgeous examples. Just look at these, the highest-priced 4 that sold on ebay when I was searching.

The above lovely bag brought $2315.00! The scene continued all the way around. Can you imagine the time spent putting those 1000s of teeny tiny beads on there?

I adore this dramatic colorful peacock purse that sold for $2000.00.

This Venice Gondola scene bag brought $1500.00.

This colorful bag brought $1400. As pretty as it is, you can definitely see the difference in artistic value between the top 2 and the next 2 -- it's more than just the $1000.00. Believe me, you'll know a good one when you see it. I hope you get a deal on it!

Learn alot about vintage beaded bags, as well as all kinds of vintage purses at BAG LADY U.

Here's a page that lists some great reference books about beaded purses.

Check out this pretty and informative website: Exquisite Antique Beaded Purses by Jo Addie -- she tells us: "Beaded purses are made in basically two ways, either knitted/crocheted, or created on a loom."

Check out Collectors Weekly's beaded bags page to keep track of ebay purse auctions -- link.

Pinterest is a fun way to search for beaded purses.

Well, that should give you a good start on collecting these beauties!

[The quality, and thus the drop off precipitously after the top few, as is usually the case with most categories. That's why the rare, better pieces bring the better prices. I think this is another example of the Pareto's 80-20  rule that is often referred to in evaluating collections. The top 20% of the items represent 80% of the value. I try to edit my collections, and improve the quality. You know - sell off the bottom, keep the cream, so someday it's all "the good stuff".]

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