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A Shot Heard Round the Corner, or 'Cafe Talk' ~ The Corner Cafe Lima, Ohio

A Shot of Appreciation
135 E. Market LIMA, O.

The Corner Cafe was on Market at Union since at least 1947, when they fell victim to a rubber check:

thst a check of this description was cashed at the Corner Cafe, 135 E. Market St., Friday and was returned from Drossett Bank marked 
"no funds." -- Lima News March 13, 1947

In 1957 there was a police report about a ''woman getting stewed at the Corner Cafe''.

The Corner Cafe apparently had to find a new corner when the City of Lima appropriated the Market Street building so they could build the current Municipal Court Building. They started the ''legal'' proceedings in 1965, also as per The Lima News:

Lima Starts Court Action To Obtain Downtown Sites 
Lima started legal proceedings in Common Pleas Court today to obtain a cluster of buildings at the northwest corner of East Market and North Union. 
Applications for appropriation proceedings were filed in the Clerk of Courts office today. The actions are against the owners and occupants of four properties on Market. Owner of the adjoining building of 133 EMarket on the corner are Richard L. Jones and Gertrude Jones, Thomas J. Odenweller with Bernard Shore, wno operates Laflin, Frederick's Beauty School  
Also named in the action as the occupant, is Joseph Venturella who operates the Corner Cafe.

In the Lima News, 2007: 
Nick Venturella, owner of the Corner Cafe in Lima, which has been at 
the corner of Bellefontaine and Grove avenues in Lima for more than 
40 years. Venturella boasts his customers "don't go away hungry."

Nick and Joseph Venturella were brothers. Joseph passed in 1960, Nick in 1984. [Source

Nick operated at the "new" location starting July 15,1966.

The restaurant closed about 2007/2008. Here's a Google Street View from 2008. The building has since been demolished.

It wasn't attractive, but was a local institution for at least 70 years. Points for that, right?!


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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