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How the Robin Rogers School Became Marimor School ~ Vintage Lima Ohio Postcard

I'm always surprised when I come across a vintage Lima, Ohio postcard that is new to me. This one pictures the Robin Rogers School. I admit I was not even aware of this school, hence this post to share my research. Although it's no mystery. Just a good cause.

Dale Evans Rogers with daughter Robin Rogers

Robin Rogers School 
Lima Ohio Allen County OH -- School for handicapped children named in honor of the Robin, the daughter of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. Robin's story below. First, the Robin Rogers School building story; it began in 1955.

When the Rogers learned the school would be named after their daughter, they wrote a letter to the Lima group giving their blessing. "We feel deeply honored that you want to name the school for Robin. The great sorrow of losing her has been eased by the thought that in her own way she has brought help to retarded children, and for this we are endlessly grateful."

From the ARC website [link]:
  • 1955 - First Ohio School For the DD - The Knights of Pythia, Lodge 19, became aware of the need and undertook the project to build a four-room school on Collett Street. On October 16, named after Dale Evans' and Roy Rogers' daughter, "The Robin Rogers' School" opened with 43 students enrolled. It was the first private building in Ohio to be planned, designed and constructed for special training of children with severe intellectual disabilities.
  • 1961 - 1963 - New Control - New Name - New Act - The Child Welfare Department took charge of the school program in 1961. In 1963 they renamed it Marimor School after the Association for Retarded Children's first teacher Mary Iva Moore. [Read a little about Mary Moore here.]
  • 1971 - Day Care and First Group Home - On January 1, at First United Methodist Church, a day care for children with DD opened. In November, the first group home was purchased and housed five male adults.
  • 1973 - Day Care Moves to School - In December, the day care moved to the Robin Rogers School building on Collett Street where it continues to operate today.
  • 1974 - The Marimor School then moved to their new, larger, current Ada Rd. location in 1974.
  • 2002 - ACA Licensed - Camp Robin Rogers is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).
  • 2009 - Brand new playground equipment is installed for Robin Rogers Day Service program. This was accomplished by donations and manpower from Proctor & Gamble, Lowe's, and Midwest Electric.
  • Today the day care program operates at The Arc office building at the original Robin Rogers School site, at 546 S. Collett St. in Lima.
Read more about the school's history, and the program today @ http://www.arcallencounty.org/history.htm

Vintage copies of Dale Evans Rogers books.

Robin Rogers was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Rogers daughter, born with Downs Syndrome. Their experience with and loss of daughter Robin inspired Dale to write a book titled Angel Unaware. Dale was also an Unaware Angel, at least at first. Unaware of the way her daughter's story would change the world for developmentally challenged children. And an Angel for sharing and caring.

Current edition available on Amazon here.

Robin's story also inspired the Dale Rogers Training Center:
"Dale Evans Rogers, one of the most popular celebrities of her time, published Angel Unaware, an inspiring account of the life of her daughter Robin. The child was born with mental retardation and died just before she turned two. Yet her life, though brief, brought great joy to her family. Angel Unaware opened the door for changes for people with disabilities as it reached millions who admired Dale & Roy Rogers." -- Dale Rogers Training Center is the oldest and largest community non-profit vocational training and employment center for individuals with disabilities in Oklahoma. http://www.drtc.org/

Read Dale Evans Biography on RoyRogers.com
Read Roy Rogers biography on RoyRogers.com


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If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

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