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CW Heister's Drug Store Lima Ohio Vintage RPPC ~ Vapo Stove Co., Dr. SS Herrmann ~ History & Photos

1908 RPPC* of the C.W. HEISTER Store / Drugs and Books

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Close up of assorted signs in the windows.
  1. *RPPC = Real Photo Postcard [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_photo_postcard]
  2. The Ringling Bros. Circus was coming to town on August 7, which by their schedule dates the time to 1908. [Source]
  3. San Felice was a local cigar brand made by the Deisel Wemmer Co.
  4. Other tenants in the building: J.G Hersh, Attorney had ''money to loan''.
  5. One sign says ______Herrmann. There was a John Herrmann of Bluffton, Ohio, a businessman who was part owner of 10 ''flats'' in Lima. At first I thought perhaps they were in this building, and he was renting them out? [Source] 
  6. But there was also a Dr. Herrmann practicing in Lima in the 1880s-1890s. In 1898, there was an explosion in Lutz's Barber Shop, which was just across the square, and the injured man was taken into Heister's store, with Dr. Herrmann called on to attend to him. (Maybe the two Herrmann's were related?)
  7. I finally found a reference that said: "Dr. S. S. Herrmann, office over Heister's drug store." [Source]

Dr. S.S. Herrmann (1864-1929 )was a well-respected man. He served 3 terms as the Allen County Coroner (Ohio). Here's his obituary from the Lima News, August 9, 1929.

Transcript: Dr. S. S. Herrmann, 64, 409 E. Market St, widely known Lima physician, died of heart attack at Friday at the residence. Death came unexpectedly as Dr. Herrmann had not been seriously ill. Dr. Herrmann was graduated from the college of medicine of the University of Buffalo. He had practiced in this district since 1884. He was only 20 years eld when he started practicing medicine here. Dr. Herrmann was a member of the Allen Co Academy of Medicine, the Moose, Eagles, Elks and Modern Woodmen lodges. He also was a member of the St. Rose church. He is survived by a widow and his son, Harlow. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. Dr. Herrmann was bom at Fulton, N. Y., August 1864. The bigger part of his childhood was spent around the oil operations in the immediate vicinity of Bradford, Pa. He took up residence in Lima during the early days of the oil boom in 1884. By his untiring efforts in behalf of the Civil and Spanish-American war veterans as a member of the federal pension board he acquired a large following. He enjoyed three terms as county coroner and later was a member of the local board of education. His early education was started at Gauga seminary and later he received art degrees from Hiram college, University of Columbia, and was awarded the degree of medicine and surgery at the University of Buffalo.

The 1897 American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record tells us that Heister's store's address was 58 Public Square, Lima, Ohio.

That would put the store next to the Empire movie theatre. Below you can see the Empire/Sigma in the early days, then the 1960s, and now. In the 'now' photos you can see the part of the building where Heister's was is no longer there. The art deco arched facade of the Sigma is still there, but it is an office building now. 

[Read my Sigma Theater post.]

In 1894 Heister left Massillon, Ohio when he purchased George W. Stout & Co.'s drug store. 

Heister had been in business in Massillon, Ohio with a partner, Morganthaler, who bought out Heister's share of the business.

PHILIP MORGANTHALER, druggist, Massillon; was born Jan. 29, 1845, at the age of 19, entered the drug store of Bucher & Kachler, and remained with them six months, but continued with Mr. Kachler, who conducted the business alone after the withdrawal of his partner, for thirteen years. Sept. 13, 1877, Mr. Morganthaler purchased the interest of his employer, and has since run the business; keeps a full line of drugs, books, stationery and fancy goods. [Source]
Sometime after 1877, C.W. Heister joined with Morganthaler.

  1. We see that 1894 is also the year that H.F. Vortkamp moved his store into the Metropolitan Block Building (see my Vortkamp post).
  2. We also see that W. Meyers left the drug biz for the oil biz, as did Lima's W. L. Porter. My Porter's Pain Cure post is here. ]
  3. William Meyers was one of the original investors in the VAPO STOVE Company, and he patented a wickless oil burner in 1923. 

This letterhead is from George W. Stout, Wholesale Grocer, Indianapolis, Indiana. He's NOT our Lima George Stout. Still, a very cool piece.

Note: As to our Lima George W. Stout, even though our man Heister bought Stout's drug store, he (Stout) apparently had more than one store and kept one for himself, as I found tons of his ads in the local papers, from 1894-1905. The earlier ads said it was Edman Stout's store, then it was George's. That's all I found before the Stout trail turned ice cold. 

The 1920 U.S. Federal Census tells us that C.W. Heister was born in 1847, in Allen County, Ohio. In 1908, he married Blanche Barnes of Chicago. 

Note: that now (1908) the Masillon drug store is owned by Rider and Snyder. Rider and Snyder Drug Store became HF Rider and Sons Drug Store

In 1951, on Harry F. Rider's birthday, the local paper published:

EVENING INDEPENDENT. MASSILLON. OHIO HARRY RIDER. WORKS ON 89th BIRTHDAY -- Harry Rider is the oldest active pharmacist in Stark county and one of the oldest in the state. -- Said Harry: "Celebrate? Don't think so. I'll be working. My store keeps me going." About 1933, he moved his business to its present location at 184 Lincoln Way E. And today he is in his 67th year as a Massillon druggist. Rider had four sons, three of whom still live in Massillon and now have partnerships in the drug store."  [Source]

Back to Heister:

And finally, his mini-obituary in Drug Trade Weekly tells us C.W.'s first name was CYRUS

Heister was a Union soldier in the Civil War. [Source]

Cyrus W. Heister passed away on January 14, 1922, at the age of 75.

1906: C.W. Heister succeeded by Chas. Buckley.

After researching our Mr. Heister, we now find that the postcard probably pictures Mr. Charles Buckley and staff.

I can't as yet find this Mr. Buckley.


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

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