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Millersburg Glass Plant Construction Photo ~ Ohio's Fenton Carnival Glass Connection

This real photo postcard of the Millersburg Glass Plant, Millersburg Ohio, during construction, sold on ebay for $113.00. [Ebay link]

A later view of the completed Millersburg Glass Plant.

1n 1910 when Millersburg Glass was in full production, it melted 14 tons of glass every 24 hours.

While Millersburg Glass was only in business a short time, 1908-1911, they churned out a lot of beautiful items. 

And there's no shortage of company history online, as the founder was John Fenton, who started the more-famous Fenton Art Glass with his brother Frank Fenton

John Fenton was known for his great glass ideas and creations, but alas, John was a poor business man. The company went bankrupt.

The Fenton Brothers started Fenton Glass in Martins Ferry, Ohio, decorating glass blanks from other manufacturers. They decided to make their own glass, so expanded to nearby West Virginia. Later, John Fenton started the Millersburg Glass company, which after bankruptcy reorganized into the Radium Glass Co., also short-lived. John went on to other glass ventures, none successful for long. 

Read more about the fascinating history of the Fenton brothers and their companies and beautiful glass they created:

Marie McGee, author of the first book on Millersburg Glass patterns. Her collection sold in 2009.

Carnival glass called 'Iridill', produced beginning in 1908 by the Fenton Art Glass Company (founded in 1905). -Source-

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