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The Apollo Chocolates ~ A Vintage Candy Collectibles Scrapbook

I picked up this great little display jar at a bottle show, embossed simply with THE APOLLO. I was pretty sure it was a candy jar, but researching it was a little bit of a project, as ''The Apollo'' brings up a lot of hits for ''Show Time At the Apollo'', and of course there's the Apollo Space Program. And I didn't know it was actually ''The Apollo Chocolates'' made by the FH Roberts Candy Co. 

But eventually I fell down the right rabbit hole, and found some info about FH Roberts, the company and the man, as well as lots of The Apollo Chocolates collectibles - boxes, jars, tins, signs, and advertising. My ''collection'' consists of the above jar, a screw-top jar, and a bonbon spoon (details below). Let's just say the rest of the items below are from my ''virtual collection''.

FH Roberts was involved in many candy companies. He started selling his Apollo Chocolates in 1903, and sold the business after WWI, but it continued on in the same name. Fred H. Roberts passed away in 1920.

My small (approx. 6" tall) clear glass jar.

This small (approx. 6" tall) SCA ground lip jar was the 2nd addition to my Apollo collection.

This amethyst colored jar is a variation of the clear one I have. This one is also base embossed FH Roberts Boston. Sadly, I didn't win the bid on it.

This is a clear jar only base embossed FH Roberts Boston.

Kunze Grocery Store, Chicago, postcard advertising Apollo Chocolates.

The Apollo Candy Shop / Clarksburg W. Va. postcard

Here's a long 1965 Wilmington Town Crier newspaper article about Fred Roberts. Click the images to enlarge, or it might be easier to read the pdf paper here (scroll to page 9).
Basically the same article was rerun in 2011 here. They are very proud of their local citizen's claim to fame and his home.

The company expanded to Cleveland in 1918. 

Fred H. Roberts passed away in 1920.

By 1933, FH Roberts had been sold again.


Candy display and dispenser patented by the FH Roberts Co.

Below, assorted Apollo candy tins.

Art deco round tin. Boy, this reminds me of California Perfume's Vernafleur tin.

Small pressed metal candy tongs and bonbon spoons.
View an amazing Bon Bon Spoon Collection.

Below, assorted candy boxes:

Assorted metal signs.

1909 trade card.

1910's advertising give-away folding bookmark calendars.

Give-away embossed lithograph bookmarks.

1920s magazine ads.

Magic-lantern glass slides were projected between movies to advertise local businesses. [Some History

Trade stimulator punchboards.

1911 letterhead.

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