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Rummaging for Vintage Treasures ~ Try Rumma.ge, a New eBay Search Site


You're always on the hunt for treasure, right?

Odds are, you do alot of searching on eBay. Time consuming tedious searches. Constantly clicking 'next page'. Yawn.

If only it were simpler, and prettier, and more fun. That's where this new site, RUMMA.GE, comes in. And yes, it's rumma-dot-ge

The beauty part their uber-search-engine, that returns your searches in an enhanced photo gallery layout that looks alot like Pinterest.


Like Pinterest, Rumma.ge has Infinite Scrolling, which means the images just keep loading as you scroll down. It's an endless page, until there are no more results.

See the screen shot image above for an idea of how it looks. That's a search for "eames lounge chair", and it is much longer than that, with big yummy photos.

Mouse over the image to see the title, click the image to pop up the details, and click thru to eBay if you're so inclined. You can PIN IT from here too, to your Pinterest folder, which is a great way to keep a record.


You can search by keyword(s), of course, with some customization.

You can even browse by category, which is impossible on eBay.

Here's a screen shot for the Antiques category results. It actually will show you all 900,000 items. now that's a long scroll! Don't worry, it loads them in small batches as you get to them, and just takes a second. You will love it.

But wait, there's more!

You can search by seller, too. Just fill in any sellers ebay name in this URL -- http://rumma.ge/sellers/ebay-name-here

The beauty part of this, if you are a seller, is you can share the link with your customers, and they can see your merchandise in this gallery type display. 

Some Limitations


So it's for shopping. And for researching what you have, but not for getting completed prices.

The best places for completed prices are:

  • Collectors Weekly, although they just have set categories, no keyword search. The results are in image gallery format, also. The info is FREE.
  • Worthpoint, for specific items. Their price guide is deep and growing, but not free. 
Have fun rummaging around Rumma.ge!

[Note: 8/31-12 -- I expanded this post with some added info over on my other blog -- http://finbotclub.blogspot.com/2012/08/rummaging-for-vintage-bottles-try.html]

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