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#Vintage Majestic Lone Ranger Novelty Character Radio Sears Marbled Plastic

A while ago, we went to the

Findlay Antique Bottle Club's annual Show/Sale. A great show, even if I do say so as a club member. You'd never guess what we wound up buying -- not bottles! 

We got the coolest vintage LONE RANGER character RADIO. Marbled plastic, with a light-up figure of the Masked Man on the front. It's in very good condition, and is a very hard to find little treasure. 

Just shows you, you never know what you'll get when you're out on the hunt for antiques. So get out there...

[Majestic "Lone Ranger" ca 1950 plastic Lone Ranger & Silver on rounded left front, right round dial knob, 2 knobs, AM broadcast, four tubes, AC/DC operation.]

Morphy Auctions sold one -- just like mine -- in December 2012, for $6600.00 -- wowie! http://bit.ly/13CqwDd They said it was the only one known. Well, now we know there are at least 2 in existence.

The same shape/brand radio also came with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on it - so cute!


And for laughs, one of my favorite holi-daze traditions is hearing Jay Thomas tell David Letterman this story:

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