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Is That A Photographic Memory In Your Pocket? #Antiques - Smart Phone Tip

Getting Drunk on Spring!

It's Spring and I'll be getting to some outside antiques shows again. It's always fun to be out treasure hunting and chatting with dealers and collectors. Things have changed in the antiques biz, at least for me. Less ebaying, and more live-selling. It's a combo-cocktail of bitter-reality mixed with the sweet-mixer of freedom. I got into this biz for the independence, and while eBay was a gravy train, it was also a stern taskmaster that kept me chained indoors to my computer for years. Antiques shows are growing stronger again, and there's plenty of good buying -- the cherry and little umbrella in this new drink. I sure hope the waiter keeps 'em coming!

You've Got a Photographic Memory in Your Pocket

We've all made purchases at an antiques show, and asked the dealer to hold it till we can come back for it. Then we have to remember where the dealer was set up. And hope they remember us! Some of us may have even forgotten all about the item till we got home. If only there was an easy way to document and remember what and where...

There is, and we're carrying it around with us. Got this smart tip from Kovel's: Use your phone/camera to take a pic of the treasures that you buy, and one of the booth/space number. You could shoot the booth and the aisle too if it's a huge show.

Now you just have to remember to check your phone's photo gallery before you head home.

I'd also recommend snapping pix of each of your purchases as you make them. Then you'll have a record, and know where your money went. It would be a great project to have a photo of everything you bought for a year. That would really make for a fun show'n'tell session later with your friends, or your accountant.

"Take a picture so you don't forget where you left your treasures!"

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