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TROTS: Looking For Sellers In All The Wrong Places - Part 2

Yesterday I posted about a flaky sales pitch I received (you can read that post here.)

Today Bob emailed with an apology. I will post part of it below. I am only posting part because I don't want you, dear readers, to think I am suggesting that you try his selling site. That decision is on you.

I would like to remind us all of the old adages "You only get one chance to make a first impression.", and, as I wrote, "Honesty is the best policy".

Conveniently, today's blog post by the wise and sage Seth Godin* is titled THE HONEST BROKER. has the perfect quote:

"Earning the position of the honest broker is time-consuming and expensive. Losing it takes just a moment."


Bob the pitchman writes:


I am very sorry that this email created the ire in you that it did.  Truly, I apologize and agree with you.  Below I'll tell you what Ubokia is and what we do - which of course we believe has great value to people like you, but first a bit of explanation.

We have had real difficulty getting our message out because, as you likely know, eBay and others have made it nearly impossible to get personally communicate with their sellers, as obviously, they want their sellers selling on their site only.  We don't blame them, but it is not terribly fair to the sellers, who simply want to sell on line.  Thus, we have tried different things to get sellers attention.  Obviously, this was the wrong message for you, and again, my apologies.  However, since you were kind enough to take the time to respond, let me tell you what Ubokia is - not that I'm likely to change your mind.  If you went to the site, you will find that we are a "Want centric" model as opposed to the pure sell centric model.

In general, people are loving our WANT model.  It just makes so much sense.
(He goes on to explain some of how his site works.)

Now, really, if people were "loving" his "want model" so darn much already, why didn't he lead with that instead of trying to suck me in with some smarmy lie about having clients who need antiques and could I help him out with that?

As the kids text,  FTW and SMH (translation: bleep_the_what and shaking_my_head).

So, as Paul Harvey used to say, now you know "The Rest Of The Story" (TROTS).


More words to describe Seth Godin:
astute, aware, careful, clever, contemplative, cunning, discerning, educated, enlightened, experienced, foresighted, informed, insightful, intelligent, intuitive, judicious, knowing, knowledgeable, learned, perceptive, reflective, sagacious, sapient, scholarly, sensible, sharp, shrewd, smart, sound, thoughtful, understanding

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