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Kahn's Market Cincinnati Vintage RPPC Photo Postcard ~ History

Came across this postcard in my eBay surfing. The seller didn't include any info, and since the seller has had items before from my local area, I held a small hope that it was a Lima Ohio business. I googled Kahn's Sons Daily Market, which was all the photo told me. But that was more than enough.

I very quickly found a wikipedia page telling me Kahn's was a Cincinnati meat company started in 1883.

If the ebay seller had included that info, would the postcard have sold for more money? I don't know. I know some sellers are successful, and pleased with their sales without spending much time on research, with ease and speed of getting a greater quantity of listings up making up for lost bids that research may have furthered. But it just seems to me that having a card like that, and not spending the minute it took to find out more info, is a sad waste in other ways, not just that the info might help find a higher-bidder.

Sometimes Selling Turns A Fun Hobby into a JOB-by

Historically, most antiques dealers start out as collectors. For me, a huge part of the fun of the hobby is learning new things, and real photo postcards are especially educational. And these days with so much info available onlline, it's easier than ever to do a little research.

I understand, though, that with the good comes the bad, meaning in this case the ease of using the internet allows us to sell, but becoming sellers takes away some/lots of the hobby-ness, and turns it into work, where turn-and-burn becomes the way things get done. Sigh...

About E. KAHN'S SONS DAILY MARKET (via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kahn's)

Originally from Alberschweiler in Bavaria, Germany, 45 year old Elias Kahn immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, in 1880 with his wife and nine children.

Cincinnati, also known as "Porkopolis", had previously peaked as a leader in pork-packing. Once a dominant industry from the pre-Civil War era, the half-million hogs that were corraled through the city's streets had faded by the mid 19th century.

Nevertheless, pork was still a big industry in Cincinnati when the E. Kahn's Sons Company was started in 1883. The original location for the meat market was on the city's Central Avenue.

When Elias Kahn died in 1899, his four sons (Albert, Eugene, Louis, Nathan) and daughter (Matilda) took over the family business where it continued to expand.

Kahn's quality and mildly seasoned meats resulted in regional demand, as the business continued to thrive for over 80 years.

When the last of the Kahn brothers died in 1948, Matilda's son, Milton Schloss, became the company's president.

In 1966, the company was sold to Consolidated Foods Corporation, which became Sara Lee.

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