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Looking For Sellers - In All The Wrong Places

So -- I get this email tonight -- which I will post, with my reply below. Anyone else getting this same pitch? It bugged me so much I couldn't just delete it, figured I'd just put it out there.

Here's "The Pitch" Email:

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 9:30 PM, <bob.currie@ubokia.com> wrote:

 From: bob.currie@ubokia.com

Hi Marianne,

My name is Bob, with Ubokia.com.

I am looking for a seller to partner with. I have a bunch of buyers looking for antiques and I need someone who can sell to them. Is that something you could help us with?


925.380.6140 office
925-360-8000 cell

 Please visit our web site at: http://www.everyplaceisell.com/

 Thank you for using Every Place I Sell

My response:
To 'Bob with Ubokia' --

Your pitch is very transparent: you're looking for vendors to sign up with ubokia. Why not just be upfront and say you are trying to get a new site going and looking for vintage dealers. Honesty is the best policy. Then tell me why you're a better solution than the dozens of others out there.

Why do you have a signature link to the Everyplaceisell home page? Are you connected with the Steiners and auctionbytes.com? if not, I doubt they will appreciate your inference of such.

Besides, that link doesn't take me to anything about ubokia. You should simply link to ubokia.com or to your actual everyplaceisell profile page -- if you have one -- It's all very fishy + snaky = spammy.

If you'd actually read my blog you'd see that I have my own websites for selling.

This is NOT the way to get my business.


(signed) Marianne Dow
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