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Collecting #Vintage POSTCARDS as #Antiques #Bottles GO-WITHS

Vintage postcards that feature old bottles are great go-withs. Here are some I came across on ebay recently.
First up is a modern postcard that pictures vintage COORS BEER signs. Then the postcard with the collection of Coors bottles. (They're on ebay.)

Here's a late 1960s postcard (on ebay here) with a collection of BITTERS bottles:

The Ephrata Cloister in Pennsylvania has a website: http://www.ephratacloister.org/index.htm

This is a circa-1910 pharmacy display. (No name or town, and the original postcard (on ebay) is raggedy.)

This is a neat double exposure real-photo postcard (RPPC), circa 1910's, of a man inside a flask, squeezing the LAST DROPS out of his bottle. (On ebay here.)

Here's a 1946 Earl-Moran-pin-up-girl card advertising B-1 LEMON LIME SODA POP.

According to an article on the PsychiatryOnline website, "The 1930s and 1940s saw the introduction of such products as " Wake-Up ," "Heads Up," and "B1." All of these products were lithiated and believed to be helpful for alcoholic hangovers. The lithiated lemon-lime soda B1 even had thiamine added." They took the 'ouch out of grouch'. I'm sure the pretty girl helped too.

Finally, just a couple silly bottle-themed postcards:

I'll share more bottle go-with cards soon!

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