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Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show Photos - Slideshow Video

Photos by Marianne Dow

Facebook Antiques News Posts Wrap-Up for this week (Aug. 27, 2011)

#Antiques sellers should attend Country Living Fair in Columbus OH as trends/biz research - put on by  Country Living Magazine - Sept. 16, 17, 18, 2011
See pix from my post about my visit to the Country Living Fair a few years ago.
Top 5 Tips for #Antiques #Vintage Dealers using Facebook 4 Biz - by Wayne Jordan who offers lots of good advice: 
What consumers want is to trust the person they will be buying from. How then, can an antiques dealer use social media to build relationships with new customers? A social media strategist offers vintage sellers five tips. ...
For #Antiques dealers: how to use QR codes to help sell your stuff!
You may have on some recent occasion seen someone engage in what might seem to be a strange activity, taking a photo of a little black and white square with a phone camera. If you're not familiar with this practice, that little square is a QR code....
Killer Stuff is new book w/in-depth look @ #antiques #vintage dealer's world. Read the publisher's description, reader's reviews, and use the ''search inside the book'' link to read an excerpt. It IS killer stuff!:
Schmidt Coca Cola Museum auction catalog online now. See pix of very RARE COKE items.
I love ghost-ads, old fading ad murals on the sides of buildings. Here are some NYC ghost ad pix: 
My old home, in Costa Mesa, artistically interpreted. I lived in Costa Mesa, California for many years, and now watch eBay for collectibles. Here is an item advertising "Cinderella Homes", which I had never heard of, even though they were located just a couple of miles from where I lived. Apparently it was a big deal in the 1950s....
Lovely #vintage 1903 advertising poster for Burr McIntosh Magazine #antiques http://bit.ly/p4eSQJ - I love the Burr Mac mags, full of art and photography from the very early 1900s. Might just have to bid on this beautiful poster...
#Antiques #vintage Fun video of Heidi Klum shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market
Absinthe has made a legal comeback, but the #antiques advertising posters intoxicate me!
Absinthe is an anise-flavored drink derived from the herb Artemisia absinthium, or "grande wormwood." It is combined with green anise and fennel, which gives it a green color. It is known as "la fée verte" ("green fairy")....
#Antiques & #Vintage toy printing sets illustrate this article about rubber stamp museum owned by mail-artist "Picasso" Gaglione
Addicting site tracks highest eBay auctions, can't stop clicking NEXT -


Shows Best Selling eBay Items (Sold and Active) over the last 90 days.
‎3 books on understanding the mind of #antiques collectors via 1st Dibs review.
By Ted Loos. A trio of fascinating books shed light on the strange and marvelous breed known as the Art Collector....
FREE ARC Magazine magazine is now available for download. Full of interesting articles from well known authors and TV experts.
#Antiques, Civil War relics &more in American Digger Magazine - read FREE online sample NOW!
Presented by American Digger Magazine, a sampling of feature articles, coluimns, and finds from 2010, in color with hyperlinks.
Phrase you don't want hear: 'You waited too long to sell it' -- read Harry Rinker's column:
The general public assumes the antiques and collectibles business is simplistic and easy to understand. The opposite is true. The antiques and collectibles business is complex. Concepts that appear straightforward and reasonable at first glance require detailed analysis and interpretation...

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