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Facebook post wrap up for this week - 06-03-11 - #antiques

Some of the antiques related and/or  things that I just plain thought were interesting this week:
Invention of glass changed how we think and relate with the world. Thought-piece by Nicholas Carr.
As we have seen, one of the rapid developments in glass technology was the making of panes of window glass, plain and coloured, which was particularly noticeable in the northern half of Europe [after the twelfth century]. One very practical effect of this was on working conditions. In the cold and d
Interesting Photography Notes:
Halsman's famous JUMP portraits. Love Dali & Flying Cats. via @brainpicker #photography
#vintage Folk Art: other people's old #photos, see their world. Via @AntiqueTrader #photography #antiques
Vintage snapshots have become collectible for three reasons. First, even the best pictures are still relatively cheap. Second, the lowly snapshot has been the subject of at least half a dozen critical books and an equal number of museum shows. Third, more people are becoming sophisticated and aggres
Discussion on film vs digital, and changes in camera usage, will film survive. #photography
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) – At Image City Photography Gallery, Gary Thompson delights in pointing out qualities of light, contrast and clarity in one of
In our hurry to buy ever cheaper our collection's may be worth less because dealers can't afford to buy at higher prices and support growth. Read excellent thought piece by Jason Dickson in Maine Antique Digest. What I found thought provoking is that the shift to being able to buy cheaply because of ebay/etc., doesn't encourage developing a relationship with knowledgable dealers. I think the burden of knowledge now must be shifted to the collector. Not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed the editorial because it made me think.
@KenoBros are getting Fox TV show in fall - Buried Treasure #antiques
Here at Theodore Alexander we are looking forward to watching the new Keno Brothers reality television show 'Buried Treasure' which launches on Fox in August!
Many #antiques silver items worth far more than melt value. Research b4 u scrap!
Selling silver at a smelter means potentially letting go of rare, high quality silver pieces for less than its true worth. If you bring your fine silver to an expert appraiser at an auction house, you will get an actual value of silver and its auction potential.

Read: FREE e-newsletter, Daily Heller, on design including #antiques packaging http://imprint.printmag.com/branding/the-great-light-way/ - this article on light bulb history, and pix of artistic packaging and displays.
There is something beautiful about light bulbs and the way they were packaged back in the day when incandescent bulbs were new. We take it for granted that bulbs have always been with us and always will.
For my bottle collecting friends - the FOHBC has a facebook page now - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Federation-of-Historical-Bottle-Collectors-FOHBC/199965823373381 -
The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) is a non-profit organization supporting collectors of historical bottles, flasks, jars and related items.
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