'Tique Talk ~ About Antique Collecting ~ by Marianne Dow

Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show Photos - Slideshow Video

Photos by Marianne Dow

#Antiques Show Biz is Good Again - Everyone Says So! Read why

Harry Rinker's ''in the field'' report on #antiques shows - Energy up! Biz good!
"Linda's and my move to Kentwood, Mich. provided the incentive and opportunity to explore the flea market, antiques mall and antiques show scene in the Northwest Territory. I have been in the field more in the last four months than I was in the previous 12. It has been an eye-opening experience.  ..."
Meet promoter Sally Schwartz of the Randolph Street Market show in Chicago.
This #antiques show promoter puts the PR in PRomote! Other shows can learn a lot.
"I think there's just been a steady trending away from conventional retail. Given that even retail stores are trying to carry, or impersonate, vintage these days, the public is hip to this type of shopping. Buying second hand is now mainstream...."
"... I still use a combo of print and social media but really working and leveraging both. If you're buying an ad in a Chicago publication, it really has to pop, nothing shy works. The social media is effective when we have contests for tickets and ask people to send in pictures. We're targeting publications regionally via publicity. We also are hosting a college day at our August market, inviting college kids to pay but they can bring their parents in for free. Groupon has been seriously effective at spreading the word. We've sold almost 6,000 Groupons in April and had people come to our shows, pay full price, but say they "heard" about us through Groupon. Now that is sweet! ..."
More good news from the Antique Trader:

"Dealer after dealer report the same story about this year's Brimfield antiques shows: All things industrial are hot, and all things traditional are cold. One dealer's blunt assessment of the antiques business remains unchanged: ..."
Bonus: Antique Trader says thanks to readers w/FREE pdf download of their awesome #antiques weekly publication. A 'must read', folks. http://media2.fwpublications.com/ATR/antiquetrader_may05.pdf
Killer Stuff and Tons of Money
And here's a fun summer read: an #antiques dealer tells the secrets of show biz.
"... Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America (The Penguin Press), by Maureen Stanton: Curt Avery buys and
sells antiques at flea markets and shows. He knows his stuff. He can date a watercolor to the 1890s by the style of the fishing pole it shows, or a stitched sampler to the late 18th century by a quirk in the lettering.

His knowledge gives him an edge, letting him buy, say, a piece of stoneware from a shop and selling it later for $1,000 profit.

Any fan of PBS' Antiques Roadshow would love to spend time with him. And that's just the opportunity Maureen Stanton gives us in Killer Stuff and Tons of Money. She takes us along as Avery loads up his pickup truck with maybe $30,000 of antiques and drives off to yet another hall, or open field, to see what he can do. ..."

So now that you're excited to go to some antiques shows, here's some good advice. Long-time #antiques collectors know all this, but it's good advice for newbies. And we want lots of new collectors to come buy our treasures, right?!
" .. Summer is my favorite time of year for a couple of reasons: 1) the weather is warm (I am not a cold weather person); and 2) the outdoor antique and collectible shopping season is in full swing. There are garage sales on just about every street, outdoor flea markets are filled to capacity with vendor..."

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