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1939 Talbot-Lago
Remarkably preserved 1939 Talbot-Lago. Photo courtesy Scott Williamson/Photodesign Studios (www.photodesignstudios.com )

I love this car! And here's the interesting article about the vintage car market from Chubb Collectibles Newsletter (another freebie I subscribe too.)

Read: Reflections on the Collector Car Market by David Swig

Here's one of Swig's comments that I could relate too, since my 1st car was a used 1968 Datsun 510 wagon that my parents bought for my 1973 high school graduation present. It cost $1,000.00:

"...The used cars of my youth―Datsuns, Alfa GTVs, early 911s and 914s―became collector cars, whereas the collector cars of earlier times―‘50s Testarossas, Type 35 Bugattis, ’53 Eldorados―have become treasured cultural artifacts. ..."

That beautiful Talbo Lago pictured? It sold for $4.8-million - wowza!

Swig's final comment echoes what all of us antiques collectors, dealers, and club members keep saying:
"... If it’s worth saying once, it’s worth saying twice: buy what you like, buy the best example you can find, and if you can find a preserved original example of your favorite car, it may well be worth snapping up. In closing, I would urge all collectors to find a reason to invite a young person out to a race or a Concours. The need for ‘new blood’ is great, and will become increasingly important with the passage of time. The state of the market going forward will depend directly on creating enthusiasm for vintage cars among a fresh generation of collectors ..."
Read the entire article here.

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