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"Did you see these?" Posts from my Facebook page / 5-10-11

Here's another installment of "Did you see these?" , the fascinating info

tidbits about the antiques and vintage world, gathered from my Facebook page posts.  It's
been a while since I gathered my mini posts together, so there's a lot of info
this time. Enjoy!
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Listen to audio podcast -- Harry Rinker, Martin
Willis discuss the #antiques biz:

Martin interviews Antique media personality
and author, Harry Rinker who shares some great insight on today's world on
antiques and collectibles.
Wade Whimsies
figurines as marketing concept, w/ video of collections:

In 1967, Brooke Bond Foods, the then-parent
company of Red Rose Tea, contracted with George Wade and Son Ltd., a British
ceramics manufacturer with roots dating back to 1867, to produce a line of
miniatures to be included in specially marked boxes of Red Rose Tea in certain
parts of Canada. The orig...
Have you had a look at
my bottle club's Facebook page? We cover more than just antique bottles, like
advertising, signs, ephemera, go-withs. http://www.facebook.com/finbotclub

The other half of Vivian
Maier's #photo archive - 1000s more images http://vivianmaierprints.com/

Vivian Maier photography show opens in Chicago
at Russell Bowman Art Advisory on April 15. The exhibit will feature street
photographs by Vivian Maier including additional photographic genres. The
contemporary printed photographs will be silver gelatin.
Another place to list,
or find, #antique #books = Barnes & Noble

Shop Barnes & Noble for rare books, out of
print books, collectible books, antiquarian books, & signed first

Attention eBay sellers -- watch out if you
have text in your listings that talks to your bidders about DSR-stars and
suggesting to bidders to leave you positive feedback. EBay's changing the rules
Collecting Dedham Art
Pottery w/ Bunny - perfect for Easter.

Spring has arrived, Easter decorations fill
the shops, and art pottery collectors might find their noses twitching for
seasonal dinnerware. The perfec...
History of Tattoo Art
exhibit in Mystic CT http://bit.ly/fqrMtX

MYSTIC, Conn. (AP) – You don't need a mermaid
draped across your chest to know that sailors have a thing for inky bling.For
centuries, long before...
The First Shot -
Arcadia Publishing -- This morning the booming sounds of muskets and canons
echoed across the Charleston bay. April 12, 1861, 150 years ago today, the first
shot of the Civil War was fired on Fort Sumter, signaling the start of what
would become the bloodiest four years in American history.

Harry Rinker
on why to become antiques dealers.

In a previous column, I discussed three of the
Top 10 reasons to consider becoming an antiques and/or collectibles show dealer.
They were: • Reason No. 1: Become an independent business person; an
entrepreneur; • Reason No. 2: The business adjusts to the time you have
available; • Reason No. 3: Ex...
How appraisals work.
Be informed before you hire an appraiser.

Appraisers are
often asked questions about how the appraisal process works and whether or not
an appraisal is even needed for their antiques and collectibles. Here are some
short, informative answers to help demystify the mechanisms behind appraisals
and the subsequent assignment of personal propert...
Read: Fun
chatty interview w/ Harry Rinker on When Danny Met Sally blog http://bit.ly/fZ6rqz

On Saturday April 10, 2011 our community
manager Bill contacted me and said that he was meeting with a one Harry Rinker.
‘The Harry Rinker?’ I thought to myself and then asked Bill what he meant. It
turned out that he had contacted Mr. Rinker about starting a Twitter account and
devised a plan of me...
Wayne items at Heritage Auction - collection of never-before-released personal
and professional memorabilia from the movie star's personal archives for public
auction this fall.

The family of legendary actor John Wayne will
be offering an expansive collection of never-before-released personal and
professional memorabilia from the movie star's personal archives for public
auction this fall. Among the items in the collection are one of the iconic black
eye-patches worn by John...
Romantic collection of
Kissing figurines at auction now #antiques - The Moore *Kissing* Collection 50+

#Antique radios set record prices at Bonham's

ARC Magazine
- Gorgeous, FREE, and online #antiques #retro #vintage http://www.arc-magazine.com/

Round up of
recent Antique Trader articles / a must-read if you missed them the 1st time http://ow.ly/1ccW6x

Round up of recent
Collectors Weekly articles / a must-read if you missed them the 1st time -
they're digging through record crates, dreaming of Fender Strats, dressing like
Mary Tyler Moore, talking like flappers, and bar brawling with John Lennon. And
don't miss our new label sleuth and the pre-IKEA self-assemble chair!

Easter Bunny advertising store display from Ohio Art toys - http://antiques-collectibles-auction-news.com/2011/04/20/kovels-com-item-of-the-week-april-18-2011-easter-bunny-display/

This 7-inch high serious-looking Easter Bunny
sold for $127 at a recent Conestoga auction. It was made by the Ohio Art Co. in
the 1920s. The bunny store display originally held two little buckets for
goodies—one for each hand. The poem on the front reads:...
EBay focus on
new/retail grows. Used, #vintage, #antiques ignored. They are scarfing up
e-commerce biz's to better compete w/Amazon. http://www.fastcompany.com/1748884/billions-of-dollars-in-acquisitions-a-breakdown-of-ebays-ecommerce-strategy?partner=homepage_newsletter

In the last year or so, eBay has spent
billions acquiring a slew of companies to expand its role in the ever-growing
ecommerce space.
Pix of some of my Easter
toy collection. http://www2.wcoil.com/~hwa/Easter_display.HTML

Another multi-building
#antiques hoard at auction. How many more unknown hoards out there waiting to be

Ohio auction to clear out several buildings full of
antiques - Antique Trader, a top resource in antiques and collectibles in print
and online, with art and antiques auction values, antiques events, antiques
news, antiques show news, appraisals and more.
Vivian Maier #photo archive
- new website, more pix, more history - more Vivian!

Information about Vivian Maier's early and
later years, about her personal life, how she came to photography and her
The Collectors Weekly
blog share's my story about the Dr. Drake's Duel #antiques #bottles

One of the liveliest cases in the arcane world
of trademark law concerned an early 20th-century dispute between rival
Terry Kovel,
noted author and collector (http://kovels.com/) writes to
remind us to watch out for fakes, even when buying from a reputable auction
house. Mistakes happen. The Moxie sign pictured here is a fantasy from Desperate
Enterprises. BUYER BEWARE when you can't preview in person.

Moxie the carbonated beverage originated as a
patent medicine called...
Folk art Easter Bunny
Fraktur added to Winterthur Museum collection.

Delaware's Winterthur Museum recently acquired
one of the earliest known American depictions of the Easter Bunny, which was
sold at Pook & Pook auction house in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Together
with the Christmas tree, the custom of the Easter rabbit and colored eggs was
brought to America by im...
Whew!!! Now that was a lot of info, and
there are still many more tidbits that I posted on Facebook in addition to
these. I will try to do these wrap ups more often, but if you are on Facebook,
LIKE my page so you too can keep up on all this antiques biz news.

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