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Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show Photos - Slideshow Video

Photos by Marianne Dow

Another installment of "Did you see these?" - From my Facebook page

Another installment of "Did you see these?" -- Info Tidbits about the antiques and vintage world from my Facebook page posts. 

I agree w/ Harry Rinker 's take. He writes in his answer to the costume jewelry question:
"EBay's emphasis on "Buy It Now" rather than auction encourages dealer greed. Today, eBay's auctions are clogged w/ BIN listings that never sell. EBay buyers willing to wait until a piece is offered at auction w/a minimum opening bid will be winners. Those who pay BIN prices without serious negotiating... are fools."

Speaking of costume jewelry --

The cutest #vintage clocks on this website all about LUX Clocks -- Adorable animated gifs show how the clocks parts move - you will be mesmerized!

Where Kool Aid was invented: Hastings NB
HASTINGS, Neb. (AP) – As one who has lived here all but two years of his life, Patrick Randolph is proud to call Hastings home....
His framed Kool-Aid packets are of personal significance, as he grew up across the street from Frank Perkins, brother of Kool-Aid inventor Edwin Perkins. -- Read more
Votes for Women - Read this article about a suffragettes campaign - amazing what we take for granted now -

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Cheryl Dunson knew she had found something special when she saw the small black notebook, covered in a plastic sleeve, inside
Another suffragette article: Bicycles gave women freedoms - who knew?!

Over at Brain Pickings, Maria Popova alerted us to a new National Geographic book called "Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Fr...
Alphabet Man - antique learning toys

Educational toys are not a new idea. A rare 19th-century Yankee Schoolmaster toy was offered in a recent auction. The toy was patented in 1884.
This sale brought $2 million!
Folk Art and Toy auction - we're talking rare stuff!

VINELAND, N.J. – The late Donal Markey was one of an elite circle of illuminati who bought and sold the rare antique toys 25 years ago that are now...
Kovel's wrap up of record antiques prices set in 2010 - an interesting mix including antique bottles.

Do you have insurance on your #antiques?
The Antiques & Collectibles National Association (ACNA) is a trade association for antique dealers, shops, malls, show promoters and private collectors. The association provides benefits such as education, insurance, travel discounts and much more.
Lots of articles about the antiques biz, buying and selling, online and off - checkit out - http://paper.li/msdowantiques/antiques-info-resources-2

A newspaper built from all the articles, blog posts, videos and photos shared on Marianne Dow's antiques-info-resources-2 Twitter list.
What a fabulous display of antique red and white quilts -

Karen Keane and I attended the opening of the new exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum on antique quilts. Only open for five days, the exhibit is free to the general public.
Antique Trader made an interesting point about milk glass wedding gifts from the 1950s and 1960s starting to come to market - will milk glass market heat up?

Though invented in Venice in the 1500s, the opaque glass commonly known as milk glass was post popular at the end of the 19th century. New collectors seeking milk glass from the 1930s-40s are finding inventory at auctions and outdoor sales, although reproductions abound....
Roy Rogers Museum items final auction -

The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum Auction
Some history on Gnomes

Gnomes have gone from kitsch to fabulous since they became animated movie stars...
Exhibit of Ohio Decorative Arts 1788-1860 celebrates the courage and creativity of the pioneers who settled Ohio. The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio is located in Lancaster, Ohio, just Southeast of Columbus. http://www.decartsohio.org/daco_exhibits.html

Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts 1788-1860 celebrates the courage and creativity of the pioneers who settled Ohio.
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A door panel set of 4 posters to the United Artist's 1965 Beatles movie Help! (estimate: $18,000+)will present broad appeal to collectors of rare Fab Four memorabilia as well as discerning movie poster aficionados, as these amazing door panels are considered by most to be the rarest of the Beatle film posters. http://movieposters.ha.c...om/common/view_item.php?Sale_No=7035&Lot_No=83222&type=posternews-tem032411See More

Top 20 most watched eBay Costume Jewelry auctions - http://www.collectorsweekly.com/costume-jewelry/auctions?most-watched

1) Vintage Rhinestone Pearl Unicorn Brooch Crown Trifari - $129 (103 watchers)
2) Vintage Ysl Yves St Laurent Runway Diamante Necklace - $118 (102 watchers)
3) Estate Carved Pink Angel Skin Coral Necklace - $91 (99 w...
4) Trifari Jewels Of India Dangle Earrings - $223 (84 watchers)See More

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