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Did You See These Yet? -- #antiques Articles Round-up

Is there a puzzled look on your face? If so, let me explain. Demijohns, also referred to as carboys, are those big bottles made of wavy old glass found around flea markets and antique sales.

A photoblog of strange black & white photos. Have any strange b&w photos? Send them to...

Everybody who considers himself or herself an expert at something usually has some tools that they live and die by. So what are the tools of the trade for a Picker? Watch this video to find out! http://bit.ly/hFOjyC

Mike and Frank suggest some must-haves when going out on a pick.

‎10 Things You Didn't Know about Memory Jugs

Memory jugs were made by placing small everyday objects such as keys, screws and nails, glass vials, shells, nuts, and jewelry on the surface of bottles or ceramic jugs using putty, cement, or other adhesive matrix. Test your knowledge of this unique American folk art with this list...


Writing about gumball machines, I came across this doozy: In the U.S., there are about half a dozen serious collectors of gum, and more than...
In celebration of Women's History Month, we invite you to take a look back at the legacies of historical females featured in the ROADSHOW Archive. Watch the appraisals »


On the other side of these auctioneer's concerns and changing business plans are collectors and consignors who must make tough decisions on where to sell their items. Here are a few questions to ask dealers or auctioneers to find the right fit:

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