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Antique Mall Crawl / Photo Safari

Went to the antique mall with my friend today. While she stocked her booth, I did my usual mall crawl/photo safari, looking for interesting treasures to share, and saving my money by taking pix.

I visited many of the items that I showed you when I blogged my last 2 visits ( 1 -- 2 ), which were a few months ago. I guess their prices are too high, but I saw that some had been reduced. Eventually they will find new homes.

Selling in an antique mall isn't the same as doing shows where you have a lot of the same shoppers each show, and so you really need to rotate and mix up your inventory. In a mall, sometimes you have to wait a long time for the right buyer to come through. It's frustrating, because you think your merchandise has been sitting forever, and regular patrons may agree, but then you get the traveling shopper who only comes in once or twice a year, and jumps on your item as if it were their Holy Grail.

Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye this trip:

This is the sweetest little Zebra riding toy. Reminds me of my Zebra rocking horse I had when I was a toddler. 

Awww... how cute - that's my little brother riding it, and me, his helpful big sis.

Here's a great graphic Painters Cabinet sign  that was the top part of a hanging wall shelf.  Now just what is a self-emptying can?

I would love to have this massive file cabinet -- it is as tall as I am, and the drawers are much wider than card file drawers. But at almost $4,000, I had to pass.

I love art posters, graphics, and Easter Bunnies, so I must tell the truth, this poster was another temptation.

Hard to tell by my pic, but this is a 3' tall ornate pierced purplish enameled cast iron heater.

This is a lovely pink Bristol glass vase with hand painted decoration. Again, a temptation, but I am running out of space. Link: What is Bristol Glass

This group of "Bully Good Skookum" Indian dolls is a ready-made collection.

Here is THE SUCCESSFUL INCUBATOR -- perfect for a kitchen island /work table, with wonderful drop down glass doors and original lithograph label. Ifound an ad for it from the 1910 Farm Journal.

This is a wonderful large printed textile / bandanna from the 1800's, called THE AVIARY, with lots of birds.

That's it for today's pix -- oh, I forgot to include the landscape pic-of-the-day -- another view of the pond out behind the mall. Thankfully we squeezed in a nice day between storms.

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