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Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show Photos - Slideshow Video

Photos by Marianne Dow

This Week's Vintage Info Goodies from Facebook Posts

  • A tree decorated with vintage collectibles for every holiday!
"So I got this harebrained idea. I obviously have a Christmas tree (or two or three) that I put up during the Christmas holidays. I also have an Easter tree that I put out the month before Easter. I even have a black feather tree that I put out at Halloween. So why not a Valentine's tree? ..."

  • LOVE Potion -- It's The Oldest Profession Here's a cute little amber bottle, relatively common and often dimissed by bottle collectors. But it has an interesting and rather sordid history, and is connected with "The Oldest Profession", if you know what I mean. It's about 3" tall, and embossed VALENTINE'S MEAT JUICE. According to the Valentine Museum, now known as the Valentine Richmond History Center (Virginia), Mann S....
  • What's more antique than this?
Take a video virtual tour of the Sistene Chapel -- incredible experience -- killer software as well as the ART!!!! 
  • Design your own custom fabric -- so cool! 
They have several fabric choices for different projects. You upload your own images, and then buy the fabric from them -- another wonderful POD company (print on demand). Make a collage of old Valentines or Christmas cards, or any collection you have, and create fabric for pillows and curtains to match. Unlimited ways to use this concept!
Spoonflower provides custom fabric printing with no minimum to an online community of designers and crafters. It's also the home of the Spoonflower Fabric-Of-the-Week contest where people can submit and vote for their favorite fabric designs. Featured in the New York Times, Apartment Therapy, CRAFT Magazine, Martha Stewart and on many, many fabulous blogs.

  • I came from a town right outside of a small New Hampshire historical harbor city, Portsmouth. It was first settled in 1630 and has wonderful early brick architecture and early wooden homes and structures. It is a treasure trove of regional antiques of all sorts. There are many renowned pieces origin
As Egyptians write a new chapter, craftsman toil to preserve their artifacts http://ow.ly/1bikQl
Vintage toys are some of the most collectible things out there, and we think this old Speedy Felix car submitted by Shane Myers is pretty neat.  

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