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[ Note -- From my Inbox -- Thought I'd share the latest newsletter from American Pickers -- they do a great job communicating with their fans.]
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Antique Archaeology Newsletter December 2010
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 A Special Cause


I love my two dogs: Ruby, an

Australian cattle dog and Scout, our border collie.  They give me unconditional love when I need it most, and even when I don't. The idea of any animal being treat inhumanly just breaks my heart. 


ASPCA, the American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide. Learn more this great cause at the ASPCA website.

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Mike Wolfe - American Picker

Frank, Danielle, and I could never have imagined the success of the show, but thanks to HISTORY, CineFlix Productions, and your enthusiastic reaction, American Pickers has blown up.  Picking our way across America, we've met so many interesting people and have heard as many memorable stories. California was insane.  NYC...an adventure.  Gettysburg moved us. And digging deeper than Frankie or I have ever been able do before, we uncovered a killer pile of priceless treasures.  Amazing!

This year promises even more. 
As the new season starts, We're digging for even better and more unusual picks. I can't wait to meet even more interesting characters. I really feel the show will only get better with age.

It doesn't take the holiday season to remember to be grateful. The show's success has blessed me the opportunity to expand Antique Archaeology and live my dream. 

Thousands of folks visited us at the shop
in my hometwon of LeClaire, Iowa. We love taking pictures with you and signing stuff.  Please, come again.

I can't wait to open our second shop in Nashville. The bigger space, located in the old Marathon Motorworks building, will feature more of my best picks, larger items. and an expanded retail store. It's a labor of love and I'm passionate about creating an awesome experience for anyone who walks through the doors.

I am also in the middle of writing a book on my picking experiences. It's more of a how-to and shares what I have learned along the way about the business.  And since so many kids into the show, we are also considering  a website just for them. 

The Antique Archaeology line of clothing and gear was a surprising hit, both online and in the store.  29,000 friends on Facebook helped pick some of the items and designs.  Hundreds of you have "popped" for a hat or tee  on it".  I see AA gear everywhere I go.  Thank you!

All of this has afforded me the chance to do more than I ever could have dreamed.  I was able to fly my mom to NYC sitting for the HISTORY Pop-up store opening in Times Square.  She was so thrilled and so was I.  I can promote causes that mean a lot to me like ASPCA and St. Judes Children's Hostpial.  It gives me the freedom to  explore more creative ideas I've had just like American Pickers. 

I am truly blessed.

None of this is possible with out my partner, Jodi. Anyone who knows Jodi realizes what she has done to make this dream a reality.  I also wanted to thank the Cineflix crew for all they do, and more.  All talent. And again, I want to thank you. You people are really the best.  So here's to you and your family thoughout the holiday season. 

Peace & Pickin' and a Prosperus New Year

Mike Wolfe - American Picker
Antique Archaeology

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 My Love Affair With Vintage Bikes
The CollectorsWeekly.com  Interview

By Ben Marks

Mike on a Bike
Mike on his 1985 Victor High Wheeler

As co-host of History Channel's "American Pickers" and the operator of Antique Archaeology, Mike Wolfe is known to millions of TV viewers as the guy who digs crazy treasures out of barns, sheds, and basements. But he's always been a vintage bicycle guy at heart-that's what got him started 'picking' at age six. In this first of several interviews, we spoke with Mike about his bike racing days, his current collection of bicycles, and that fateful day in the '70s when he got hooked by a bunch of banana-seats.

Read the full interview here.

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Gear up for the Holidays  
Pick America
I Pick America Tees

For fans of the show, Antique Archaeology gear might be just what Santa ordered.  Order for you and yours at our online store.

Use this code and SAVE 10%, plus get  FREE decal with every order!!  PROMO CODE: pick10

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About Antique Archaeology
A.A. Shop
The shop in LeClaire, Iowa

Come visit us this Holiday Season in the historic Mississippi River town of Le Claire, Iowa. Lots of great shopping and eats up and down the main street. A great place to take the family.

Stop in and poke around. Lookie-loos are always welcome.

Antique Archaeology
115 1/2 Davenport St.
Le Claire, Iowa 52753

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Mike Wolfe - American Picker

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