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This Week's Auction Report

Went to a couple more auctions this week. Still didn't turn up anything too impressive, but at least I'm out there trying.

Here's a pic of the pile of treasures I did buy. A couple of pretty blue and white swirled granite collanders, a Fostoria American vase, and some mystery items.

I'll add some more pix to this post tonight.
From my  phone.

More pix -- this auction was the last from an estate that yielded 6 auctions - the 1st 5 were better, though. This was the dirty, raggedy left overs. There were some furniture pieces with potential, but I only buy what I can carry on my own. Furniture is just too much work for me.

As always, it was nice to get out and visit with my auction buds. And we are still enjoying some fabulous sunny fall weather.

This is a pic of my friend Ivan, better known as Mr. Eames Era, at another auction. This one had a lot of mid-century stuff. You can see the Heywood Wakefield pieces all around him. There were many household and decorative items from the same period. As if they had decorated then, and just stayed with it, never adding anything else. I picked up 2 pieces of good Le Creuset cast iron cookware in this beautiful turquoise blue enamel. 

This piece was designed in 1958 by famous 20th century industrial designer Raymond Loewy - very Mid century Modern!

 So the it was a wide range of goodies I picked up this week. From a Victorian glass caster set to 1950's cast iron pots.

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