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A Beautiful Day For An Auction - Found a Columbia Swirl Candy Jar

Thought I'd give it another whirl. Went to another auction that advertised bottles. The bottles were a bust, but it was a truly gorgeous fall day. Getting to spend some time outside, visiting with friends, and possibly getting some treasures - what a great job I have.

This auction was in a big yard, in a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees. There was plenty of stuff, but I had my eye on one piece. Guess it was my lucky day, cuz I won the bid on this lovely tall apothecary show globe style candy jar.

I knew it wasn't an antique, my thoughts when I saw it were "mid century candy jar", and so I hoped to get it for a fair price, and that someone else in the crowd wouldn't think it was an oldie, and drive the bid up. I got it for $20, which is good. I'll clean it up and enjoy it for a few years, and I might be able to sell it for a profit. Like I said, this is a great job!

[Got home and researched the jar, and found I was right - it's a 1950s-era COLUMBIA SWIRL candy jar by Tiffin Glass, in the 15" size (now I want the matching 30 incher!), made to resemble antique show globes that used to be found in pharmacy windows, full of colored water, to show off the pharmacists chemical-mixing abilities. You can read an article about real ANTIQUE SHOW GLOBES, and here's another article discussing the even-earlier history of AntiqueShow Globes. Read about the Tiffin Glass Company here.]

Snapped a few pix to show you some of the other "stuff" - the boring bottles, lots of household goods, and this cute shot of the evolution of the television.

I enjoyed the afternoon, but I'm still hoping for a really great auction, with lots of antiques. Let's all cross our fingers for the next one!

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