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We're Closing -- Official Announcement from Collectors Books

Collector Books has officially announced that they are not publishing any more books.

A brief while back I wrote about how Collector Books is selling some of their collecting price guides as E-books. Sadly, that was too little too late for them.

Here's the official announcement from Bill Schroeder, President of Collector Books:

" The publishing of informational guides on antiques and collectibles continues to be a real challenge as collectors, dealers and consumers continue to consult the internet to obtain free information. Our sales of these types of references have fallen to the point that we decided to suspend all publishing of books on antiques and collectibles. We will release our remaining 14 titles that are on out Fall 2010 list. Once these are released we have no plans to publish any further titles on antiques and collectibles. We will continue to market and sell the over 235,000 copies of various titles that we still have in stock, so we will likely be selling through 2011. "

Obviously it is a sign of the times. Price guides have been replaced by the free and timely information always available on the internet. But there is so much information about the history of collectibles -- the companies, the artists, the product lines, and more -- that was presented in the price guides and is not available online yet. Yes, more info is put online everyday, and add that to the scanned google-books (they want to scan every book ever printed!), more and more will become available. But that's a long work-in-progress.
If you want to be sure to get the info now, better buy the books that interest you, before they are truly hard to find.

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