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Collectors Weekly Adds SHOW'n'TELL

One of my favorite go-to sites is CollectorsWeekly.com. I've written about them many times, as the site is chock full of antiques info and ebay completed prices. They are always adding more categories, and features.

Their Events Calendar has become an important resource where you can find out about specialized antiques events all over the country -- http://www.collectorsweekly.com/events -- it's a wonderful help to collector clubs to be able to list our shows to the right audience, as you can search for events by category, as well as location, or by time/date. 

The latest feature they CW folks have added is truly wonderful, and fun -- it is a Show'n'Tell section. You sign up -- it's free, of course -- you know I loves me some free stuff! Then you can upload pix and write about some of your favorite treasures. It's not for selling -- they say they will take down any trying to sell something. But it is a chance to show off some of your personal favorites, and if you are looking for more info, maybe some of the readers will help you out.

You get your own profile page, which is great. You can link to your website, etc. - nice free advertising. Your profile page also shows the items you have listed for your Show'n'Tell stories, and they have LIKE and LOVE buttons on each item, and your Likes and Loves are shown on your page. You can also "follow" other users, to watch what they Show'n'Tell, or Like/Love -- and of course you can leave comments on the items, so it's all very social. It's a fun way to interact with fellow collectors, who understand your collecting passion, and speak your particular collecting language. They "get" you.

It's really interesting to see what everyone else is putting up -- some are posting dozens of items, some focus on one category, others are into variety -- check it out here: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories

I have listed only 2 items so far. I want to show some of my true favorites, not just everything I have -- that would be a bit much! So far, I have shown my beautiful Art Nouveau Majolica FAIRY LADY vase, and my American Belleek BIRD vase -- you can see them on my CW profile page, here:  http://www.collectorsweekly.com/user/MsDowAntiques

So head on over, check it out, sign up, and share some of your treasures -- let's see what you have to SHOW'n'TELL!

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