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Rare Folk Art Canes with Masonic Symbolism

This week I have two really neat antique folk art canes listed on ebay. I love their unique hand carved designs. One is carved all-over with little designs, the other is figural.

These designs and shapes have historical symbolism, possibly Masonic.

The figural cane has original paint, and is carved as a hand holding a SILVER baton, with a gold bracelet, also has a green lizard, and a silver knife.  The symbolism / meanings of the carvings -- LIZARD (snake/serpent) -- knife / dagger -- HAND HOLDING BATON --- are all known historical symbols of AUTHORITY, JUSTICE, HONOUR, WISDOM, according to FLEUR DE LIS,a fascinating website about the MEANING OF THE SYMBOLS ON ARMORIAL/CRESTS.

The other cane is carved all over, and has the initials C.H.C., as well as U.S.A. and the date: 1919. There are many square nails / metal pieces (?) embedded in it, too. It is covered with wild designs, reminiscent of ropes/ tassels or thistles, and maybe some eyes/faces -- also some crosses, which could be Masonic / Fraternal organization type symbols. I base this on reading a great article  about tassels and Freemasons -- http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/masonic-apron-rosette.html   

You can see the ebay listings:

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