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Photos by Marianne Dow

Photos from the Lima Lions Antique Show ~ Since Discontinued

[Posted 2/25/2010 -- The Lions Show has since been discontinued.]

Antique Show Report:

The Lima Lions Antique Show is on this weekend at the Allen Cty. Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio. I was set up there. It's a nice show, with antiques in all price ranges, and lots of really nice people.

First -- Just look at these gorgeous puppies...

They were the most popular display at last year's Lions Antique Show! These guys are from Canine Companions for Independence. Canine Companions for Independence® is a national nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

The 73rd Westside Lions Club, who put on this antique show, use their earnings to give to several good causes, and they made a generous donation to Canine Companions. If you want to donate, as well, here's the LINK.

I think it's great that the Lions give their time and effort to help others. They also give to Equestrian Therapy, but there weren't any horses at this show. If you have ever been a part of putting on a show, you know how much work is involved. It's not easy, and they do it with volunteers. KUDOS all around, LIONS Club members!

I think this show is a perfect example of how shows are on the comeback. This little local show has had its ups and downs as far as dealer participation and attendance goes. But the last few shows have shown a turn for the better. It could still use some more antiques dealers, and less crafts/new stuff, but the number of shoppers has gone up considerably. I was in the building for about 4 hours on Saturday, and another 2 hours on Sunday, and there was a good crowd the entire time I was there. And what is more important, the vibe was great. Everyone I talked to had a smile, and a positive attitude, whether they were selling or buying.

Here's Sue & Sandy, with Jerry. Jerry owns the FamilyFlea Market in Elida.

I have so many friends who were set up there, and I really enjoyed a good long chatty visit with everyone. It was like a big club meeting. It's so nice to be among people who are into the same things as I am, and who understand my passion for antiquing, and collecting.

Here's Carol, who says she's retiring, but we'll see about that... how can she stop the madness, er, I mean the FUN?! She always has a super variety, and creative display style.

Here's the Maxson family, who prove the family who collects, and sells together is happier! Check out their ebay listings.

Here's Dennis, a guy who LOVES paper almost as much as I do! You can check out his ebay listings, too. That's Andy who's too engrossed in shopping to turn for a pic.

Now, you're probably wondering what goodies did I buy? Let's see...

I among other things, I bought lots of knick-knacks, some 'Evening in Paris' gold perfume bottles, an ornate silver-plated serving tray (very shabby-chic), and some pretty antique tradecards:

I bought this vintage cool cone-top can of "MOON SHINE Auto Polish", which has great graphics on a paper label. It's a bit of local memorabilia, as it is from Wapakoneta, Ohio, the home of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the 1st Man to Walk on the Moon.

Another cool advertising piece that I bought was this AEROLENE OIL glass sign, with a great reverse-applied decal. I've seen this sign reproduced in metal, but this looks to be the real thing-- nice thick glass, super graphics, and in fabulous condition. Gotta love it!

I had so much fun I went back on Sunday for more, but that's all the pix I took.

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