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More Scary Movie Posters - Interview of Film Buff & Poster Collector - Rudy Franchi

Pillow of Death with Lon Chaney -- another awesome vintage movie poster, right?! I seem to be channeling these horror film images.

This one, along with the equally fabulous Creature From the Black Lagoon poster (see below) is currently pictured over on another one of my favorite go-to sites, the wonderful CollectorsWeekly.com. They have a new regular feature of collector interviews. You never know what subject you'll be treated to next, but it will be entertaining and educational, that I know for sure.

This week they have an in-depth interview with well-known Antiques Roadshow Appraiser and long time movie buff/poster collector, Rudy Franchi.

CW's intro:

",,, Rudy Franchi knows movie posters inside and out. That’s because he’s more than a poster dealer, more than an Antiques Roadshow appraiser, more even than a respected author on the subject. Franchi is also a film buff, as his years running the Bleecker Street Cinema in New York City attest. In this wide-ranging interview, Franchi talks about how he got his start in the movie-poster business, and the life experiences that prepared him for his trade. ,,,"

Get yourself a cup of coffee, and take the time to read the interview. It's about history, becoming an antique dealer, and about films, and posters, and the Roadshow and so much more. Quite an interesting life, and tale.

And just in case you think my tastes run only to the low-brow horror genre, here's the one pictured in the article that I would really like to own: Orson Welles in OTHELLO. Gorgeous! I was raised on Shakespeare and "The Theater", don'tcha know?!

Here's the wikipedia page about Rudy Franchi.

He has a wonderful poster website, too -- PosterAppraisal.com. Poster lovers will find his links list very helpful.

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