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Let's Go Green-tiquing! Collecting Vintage and Antiques is GREEN

Antiques are so green, that they help us to leave a Negative Carbon Footprint, says Vince of Green Spot Antiques.

I say, then let's call it "Green-tiquing"!

On the interesting site Examiner.com, Auction Wally has the 1st of a 2-part interview with Vince, the owner of Green Spot Antiques, who says he "really enjoyed answering Wally's questions, and readers will gain insight into our thinking style here".

Vince is known for his unique selling style [See my earlier post: Greenspot Antiques Innovates], as well as his uniqe thinking style, which you can see in his blog, Green Ink Diary.

Wally's article, titled The world of antiques is as green as it gets , focuses on the green/recycling aspects of antiquing, and Green Spot's spin on that is very creative, with his focus on architectural and industrial salvage, as well as re-purposing the obsolete into usable. Green-tiquing is not just trendy, but goes way back.

"...We form a part of a long history of people who salvage, restore, and re-use items because of their beauty, heritage ... Every action we take in our business is designed to leave a green footprint behind us as we move.

We put our intentions to the test recently in purchasing our own building, from 1904, and renovating and restoring it using ONLY used materials (well, 95%) , mostly from the internals of the building itself, wiring, windows, doors, etc. We restore antiques using only low-toxic materials (shellacs, beeswax, analine dyes, animal hide glue).

We have calculated our CARBON footprint, and it is NEGATIVE, when you take into account that we are carrying forwards generations of carbon-saving practices (An antique could embody up to 8 generations of NON polluting human activity -- we call it the ULTIMATE GREEN factor). ..."

There's more interesting comments in the interview - well worth your time. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

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