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Tales of GI Joe and the Rooster Man

Today's show'n'tell goodies are postcards. I always enjoy listing postcards, because I learn a little something about a variety of subjects. Hope you like them too.

1909 Seattle Washington Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition OFFICIAL Postcard

Read the history of this World's Fair here .

1907 Del Monte Hotel MAZE Monterey California Postcard

The hotel is now owned by the Navy, and the Maze is a parking lot.

1906 Rookwood Pottery Buildings Cincinnatti Ohio OH Hand colored Tinted Postcard

Read the history of Rookwood pottery.

The original building is now a restaurant - see pix of how you sit inside the kiln to dine.

1910s Roller Coaster Luna Park Mansfield Ohio Amusement Park Ride Postcard

You can read the history of the LUNA PARK name here.

And here's a great book, all about Mansfield, illustrated with vintage postcards, including pix of Luna Park.

1943 WWII Military Comic Cartoon sgnd Sgt David Breger Postcard

Political Cartoon Rooster Man Comic Egg Tariffs Depression Postcard

  • Cartoon of a man in a chicken/rooster outfit. Card is not dated, but I'd put it in the 1920s based on my research of the subject.

  • Some quick research found there was a lot of controversy about egg prices and competition and tariffs, which grew until the Smoot-Hawley act was passed, which contributed to the causes of the 1930s Great Depression. Read more history on the subject in the following links.

  • A little history on egg tariff rates. And for even more history of eggs, chickens, and tariffs, check out this book: The Chicken Book -- read the chapter on eggs and tariffs through google books here.

See what I mean -- a variety pack of subjects. Part of the fun of postcard collecting. I buy the card because I think the image is interesting, and then when I find out more about it, it is fascinating. I mean, I doubt I'd have ever researched egg tariffs and GI Joe any other way.

You can see these postcards, and others, in my ebay listings. Thanks!

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