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Gypsys and Knick Knacks

Here's another blast from my past... ebay sales. (Click on the pic if you want to see a larger view.) This group featured a nice Weller Pottery vase. I buy very little Weller, or Roseville, or other art pottery these days. It seems that's the type of pottery that "everyone" knows about now, so there aren't too many sleeper deals out there.

This batch also had some knick-knacks, which I try now to resist. There are so many pieces that, shall we say, are just NOT home-runs.

Ebay has changed that arena, and for the better, really, cuz truthfully most of it's just mass produced junque. I still buy some, but try really hard not to. Now watch, next auction that'll be all I buy!

The coolest thing I had in this batch was the 1956 Gypsy Tour badge, from the American Motorcycle Association. Read more about Indian Motorcycles and the 1927 Gypsy Tour on this great website.

I've had a few other neat Gypsy Tour pieces, and they have all been home-runs. Of course, it helps to buy it right-- in this case, this badge was at the bottom of a box of books I got at the end of an auction, for .25 cents!

But, again, these items are from my past, way, way back in time. It's fun to reminisce about the deals I got back then. Now, $20.00 is the new $5.00! But hey, some day these'll be the good ole days. Okay, enough rambling.

Hope I find some home runs soon to write about...

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