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Photos by Marianne Dow

Today's Treasure: Vintage Lusterware Cruet Set

Here's a lovely item I have on ebay right now:

click the pic to go see this item on ebay

  • MIJ Made in Japan == Luster Ware Lustre
  • 5 piece SET :
  • Handled TRAY/carrier/holder
  • 2 Cruets: Vinegar & Oil
  • Mini Condiment Jar with little spoon
  • Salt & Peppers shakers
Wouldn't this pretty vintage set really make a table look SPRING-y! I feel happier just looking at it!

Today's Treasure: Napoleon Bonaparte Bon Bon Candy Jar

Napoleon Bon Bon Candy Jar

This one's for "Quirky Marie" of CPAPHILS POSTCARDS. She's a quite the Napoloeon fan, as her post today illustrates.

Marie must have been with me in spirit this weekend at the Columbus Bottle Show, because look what I bought! A great big glass candy jar with a colorful paper label picturing Napoleon himself! Now when I look at it, I'll think of her.

Who'll be on my shoulder helping me shop next time?

I Wonder what I'll find this weekend at our local Lions Club Flea Market? Here's what I found there last time.

Today's Treasure: Jackie Coogan Uncle Fester Celluloid Doll Toy

Jackie Coogan Uncle Fester Celluloid Doll Toy

Jackie Coogan Uncle Fester Celluloid Doll Toy 1930s Rare

  • Adorable little 5.5" tall celluloid doll/toy/figure showing Coogan as he appeared in 1921 Charlie Chaplin film "The Kid."
  • Marked on back with the VISCOLOID mark -- info on Viscoloid mark from this helpful doll reference site. They show a pic of this same mark.
  • They say: " 1901 -1930's Viscoloid Company, of Leominster, MA (USA). 1915 they were bought by DuPont., made celluloid dolls, one of their markings is: USA - VCO. "
  • From playing THE KID with Charlie Chaplin, to the unforgettable lovable "creepy and ooky" Uncle Fester on THE ADDAMS FAMILY 1960s TV show, and in films & TV shows untill his death in 1984, his career spanned almost 65 years.
  • See the list of his performances here on the Jackie Coogan page on Internet Movie Database.

Just wanted to share this fun item I have listed on eBay right now.

Today's Treasure: Newspaper Comics ASHTRAY Moon Mullins

Nodder Newspaper Comics Character ASHTRAY Moon Mullins Germany

  • Also called KNOTTER because head is KNOTTED on -- it doesn't "bobble" around -- see close up pic of knotted string in his neck -- head turns to side - knot is firm/tight, head is not loose
  • Colorful painted bisque ceramic figurine screwed into orange art deco ashtray / pin tray base -- overall height approx. 4-1/2" -- made with a wooden stick cigar glued in his mouth -- made with a hole in the top of his hat -- why?
  • Back is marked MOON MULLINS GERMANY and base marked GERMANY
  • MOON MULLINS -- "Moon" was short for "Moonshine", which in the Prohibition Era meant Mr. Mullins was a drinking man.
  • Medium: Newspaper Comics // Distributed by: Chicago Tribune Syndicate // First Appeared: 1923 // Creator: Frank Willard
  • More info on this excellent website -- http://www.toonopedia.com/moon.htm

Just wanted to share this fun item I have listed on eBay right now...

( Update = this neat character ashtray got a final bid of $45.75 )

Egg Head Flapper Girls: Art Deco Noritake Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

click to go to ebay and see more pix -- Noritake Art Deco Flapper Heads Salt and pepper shaker set

Just wanted to share one of my treasures with you -- a  darling little salt and pepper set that I sold on ebay. So cute!

  • Noritake China with luster finish -- set of 5 little Art Deco Flapper Girl Egg Heads on a Tray
  • Tray is marked with M in a wreath, and NORITAKE / MADE IN JAPAN / HAND PAINTED.
  • Each little head shaker is marked JAPAN, and they all have their original stoppers, with paper labels that have Oriental characters printed on them.
  • Tray is approx. 4-1/4" x 2-3/4" -- and the little shakers are approx. 1-3/8" tall
FYI, this darling set got a final bid of $171.38 in 2009.

Here's a sweet PINK set that was up for auction in 2012 - link. It sold for $380 CDN (approx. $300 US) in a huge Noritake auction.

What's in A Name? or Who R U? Wearing Name Tags Helps Social Interactions

Pic from http://www.theterracottage.com/women/women.html

It's about getting folks to share a little more about themselves, and to be more transparent, starting with names. It applies to the real world as much as it applies to social networking, or to antiques dealers.

Remember the Seinfeld episode about everyone wearing name tags?

[Elaine in Seinfeld once proposed: 'Wow! You know what I would do if I was running for mayor. One of my campaign themes would be that everybody should wear name tags all the time to make the city friendlier.']

 I think it was a great idea! And I'm not the only one - read Social Capital Blog's comments about starting a National Name Tag Day.

I was chatting on a forum recently, and posted this:

" I have a request for you, my fellow humans, online and off.  If your sign-in name is different from your real name, would you please put your name on your About Page? And when you sign your comments, too. At least your first name. Pretty please?

I think it would really help us to get to know each other. I know it would help me.

It'd be great to see a pic of your faces, too.

I know that since Jeff and I started wearing buttons printed with our names, and our bottle club name, whenever we go to any bottle show/event, we have made so many new friends. We are having a much better time in our hobby now.

I always wear a name tag when I attend any antiques show, too, as it encourages conversations. People like to deal with someone they know, and a name is a great place to start.

How many times have you met someone, had a short but pleasant interaction, and moved on. Then you see them at the next event, you're so distracted trying to remember their name that they've walked by you before you can speak.

Now we have had so many more conversations with fellow collectors. They are able to say, "So, your'e with that club..." or "Hey, I saw your article in the newsletter..." -- you get the idea.

If my personal partiality to names isn't enough to influence you (pretty please with sugar on top?), then here's a quote from an article on The Customer Collective about improving sales in a recession by being transparent:

" transparency is the antidote to suspicion. In a recession, bad behavior goes up. Buyers are more suspicious of sellers’ motives. Transparency eases their mind about the motives behind your actions, your words, and your intentions. Transparency helps your sales. "

" the main reason we don’t practice transparency is fear—fear of being taken advantage of by competitors, by employees, and by customers. Now is the time to remember the adage "the best way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him." You receive the behavior you expect. "

Signed --Marianne Dow

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