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Touchdown! Collecting Vintage Football Super Bowl Pennants

I went to some garage sales over Labor Day weekend. Pretty slim pickings around my area, except for one "guy" sale. But I was desperate for an antiquing fix, so I checked it out...

I am not a sports fan, but I did buy this vintage pennant because I've watched enough Road Shows to know that vintage sports memorabilia is hot.

I realize that 1973 may not qualify as "vintage" enough for some, but as it is the year I graduated from high school, this one caught my attention. I decided to roll the dice, and bought it.

As you can see, it's for the Washington Redskins 1973 Super Bowl Game.

And it says they were the "Champs". I didn't know any differently, until I googled the game, and discovered that the Redskins lost to the Miami Dolphins!

Super Bowl VII -- From Wikipedia -- says:

  • The American Football Conference (AFC) champion Miami Dolphins (17-0) defeated the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Washington Redskins (13-4), 14–7, and became the first, and presently the only team in the NFL to complete a perfect, undefeated season.
So-- does this mean my pennant is -- dare I say it -- rare?
I searched game pennants on ebay, and did not find one like mine. So I take that as a good sign.
I googled it, too, and couldn't find anything about my pennant. I don't know if it is scarce, possibly an error, or maybe not even interesting to collectors and sports fans.
I am betting that it is "something", that someone will want it. I'll let you know how it goes. Think I'll list around Super Bowl time next year. That gives me time to watch for the pennant category.
Here are some related Redskins and Dolphins pennants that sold on ebay recently:

  • This one brought $19, including shipping.

  • This one brought $24, including shipping.

  • This one brought $35, including shipping.

  • This one brought $94, including shipping. Notice it doesn't say "Champs".

  • This one brought $94, including shipping.

  • This one brought $96, including shipping. This one has the same wording as mine does, only the Dolphins actually won.
  • I suppose they made pennants up with both teams as winners, to sell right after the game. I wonder what is normally done with the loser's pennants? Destroyed, so only mine has survived????

And here's the ebay search widget for Super Bowl Pennants:

And here's the Top 10 List of Most Watched Items in the 'Sports Pennants' Category:

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