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Antiques I Sold on Ebay ~ Blast From The Past #4

Shall we stroll down "My Memory Lane", and explore another batch of interesting items I sold on ebay a few years ago (2004). This was an "all paper" batch, with goodies dating from the Civil War to 1948. I just like everything!

Starting with the Civil War photo of General William Smith of Nashville, Tennessee -- $130. This was one of the small business-card sized photos called CDV's, or CARTE DE VISITE, meaning literally Visiting Card. This was a very popular photograph format back then, and people would actually leave them as calling cards. It was also a popular form for souvenir photos of important people. As it is of an identified officer, I think that this photo would bring right around the same price ($100+) on ebay today, based on my search for "Civil War General CDV".

Civil War items are highly collectible. I once sold an un-dug excellent condition Confederate Officer's uniform button, and I with Stars, for just shy of $1000.00. That was an exciting week!
Sadly, I didn't saved the photo of mine. It was inexcellent un-dug condition.

Continuing on with Military Photos, I sold a group of 12 photos of some Navy Sailors and the traditional right-of-passage/hazing KING NEPTUNE LINE CROSSING CEREMONY that commemorates a sailor's first crossing of the equator. Here's a current ebay listing for WWII King Neptune US Navy Ceremony Photos.

My 1920's group brought $57.00, and I'd bet that price would still hold, or do a little better.

You've seen the cute dressed frog postcard before, in my recent FROGGY FANTASY post.

Mine had some serious condition problems, but still brought $36.00. A very-good-condition "1907 Rose Clark Brassie Frog Postcard" sold for $88.79.

And lastly, there was the Esquire Pin-Up Girl Calendar that brought $50.00. They're bringing about $35.00 now, as they seem to be "available", so I did well. Here's the link to ebay "Esquire Calendar" listings.

Despite all the things going on with ebay, I think it's still the place where you can sell a variety of items quickly, and get a good price. There are plenty of buyers. You just have to have something that's a little special.

Can't wait till the next "special" thing I find. Maybe it'll be from one of the antique malls in Springfield, where I'll be on Thursday. Stay tuned, cuz you never know what I'll find! [Posted 4/16/08]

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