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Things I Sold on Ebay in 2004 ~ Blast From the Past #3

Here's another collage pic of the highlights of my ebay sales way back in March 2004.

The market has certainly cooled down since then. I am happy I sold these gems when I did. Imagine, that tiny plastic Cap'n Crunch nodder cereal premium bringing $134!

Now, the Hedi Schoop piece might still make $143. I did a quick check, and there wasn't one like it on now or recently.

The darling Boy at the Beach (Sunday's Child by Royal Worcester) brought $249 - wow! It is being reproduced (poorly), and that must have killed this figurine-- one recently brought $11, and there are several going without bids.

Cigar labels have also softened, into a puddle unless it's a better themed-sample -- sports, Indians, patriotic, political . These particular labels, Charming Smokers, might do as well ($98) this time around, but I am glad that I sold most of my cigar box label collection when I did. I loved the "pretty ladies", and they are not moving as well as they once did.

And of course cookie jars have also fizzled out, with the rare exception. I still have a lot of my cookie jar collection, and will have to figure out where/when to sell them. So I guess it's time to start tracking cookie jars-- here's the TOP 10 LIST of the Most Watched Cookie jars on Ebay Now...

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