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Attending an Estate Auction is Fun

This week I went to 2 auctions. Tuesday's didn't have anything that I was really interested in. There was quite a bit of Fostoria American pattern glassware, including a rare 'Crushed Fruit' Jar. I have never really cared for that pattern, and there are always plenty of glass dealers ready to battle it out.

There was a group of smaller pottery pieces, Roseville and Hull. But again, nothing that set my heart aflutter, and plenty of competitors ready to bid. I mean, there are plenty of things that I would bid on if there wasn't anyone else interested. But let's just say, I prefer to pick my battles, and choose to fight for things that I really, really want.
So I enjoyed a nice visit with my auction friends, and went home early, anticipating the next auction.

Thursday's sale was much more my cup'o'tea. It was an estate from an old, well-known local Wapakoneta family, with items from several generations. They had quite a crowd.


There were some colorful toys...

Showcases with nice "smalls"...

There was this large milk glass Victorian Easter Egg, with an unusual painted scene, in super condition. I wanted to add it to my Easter collection, so tried to win it, but someone else wanted it more. I lost that little battle.

When I first walked in, I immediately noticed
this gorgeous Roseville Water Lily vase.
It's the yummiest shade of pink, and it's BIG- approx. 19" tall. NICE! Normally I don't even consider Roseville, because it usually goes higher than I want to pay, but this vase just kept calling to me, and, well, it's sitting in the center of my dining room table right now. Yay!

So I had a really good time at the auction, lots more fun visiting, and I did pick up a few little knic-knacs at the end.
Tomorrow is an antique show in Findlay, so I have to set my alarm...boo-hoo. But I wonder what I'll find... you just never know!

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