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Pix of Things I Sold on Ebay in 2004


Just reminiscing a little about some of the neat things I've sold over the years. I used to put a monthly collage pic on my Ebay ME page, showing highlights from the past month. I haven't done that in a while. Now and then I will show you one of those past "Gems Sold" pix, and then after we're caught up I'll have to start making new ones.

These pix are from back in 2004. The miniature doll pin was a surprise. And look what the lunch box brought, even missing a handle. One of the great things about selling on ebay, as a real no-reserve auction, is that I never ever would have asked those prices if I took the items to a show. Gotta love those last minute snipers, too-- so exciting!

I did a quick check on ebay, and recently, no Ponytail Lunchbox; there are always a variety of Skookum dolls; there recently was a Pillsbury Grandma & Granpopper dolls, in their original box, that brought $86.00. I think I did pretty well with this batch, all things considered. I'm not saying this to brag. Just to say that this is one of the fun aspects of the biz. The hunt is great fun, but it's awfully nice to get some closure, that validation, to see your knowledge (and sometimes intuition/gamble) pay off.

Here's another SOLD batch:

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