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Antiques Mall Crawl Photo Safari - Of Groundhogs and Good Things

Today I went to the Heart of Ohio Antique Center to stock my booth. (Well, really to shop.) And, boy, were they busy! There were tons of people, and they were buying. I'm taking that as my Groundhog Day sign that the "Winter" of sluggish mall sales is ending, and the "Spring" of shoppers has arrived. Even the other 2 malls nearby had lots of cars in their lots. Heart of Ohio mall was #1 on Martha Stewart's "Good Things" list of best antique malls.

Feeling optimistic, I quickly stocked my booth, and rearranged everything. I talked to many customers as they walked through my booth, and they were in happy moods, and most said they had found many treasures to take home.
I did see a few things that set my cool-o-meter off. 1st prize today for a really special glass item has to go to this exquisite museum-worthy circa 1850s covered sugar dish. Only $2600.00 if you're interested.
I went and did a little shopping myself. But only found a really neat art deco CONTINENTAL radio for J's collection.

And my prize for most unusual, staying in the glass/bottles category, is this wild pickled frog lab specimen in a Whittall-Tatum fruit jar (circa 1900s-1910s).

Here's a couple pix of my booth. I've got a mix of all kinds of smalls - toys, bottles, jars, advertising, postcards, salt & peppers, knic-knacs, records, pottery...

Happy Groundhog Day! Keep on 'tique-in'!

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