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A Fun Estate Auction ~ A Mix of Vintage Treasures

FEB. 2008 -- I spent the day at an antique auction today. I'm a little (actually alot) tired, but it was tons'o'fun. Saw lots of neat stuff, and did lots and lots of visiting. My 13-yr old niece joined me for part of the day, and it was her 1st time at an auction. She seemd to have fun, and got a fun junk-box of funky costume jewelry for .50cents. I hope she's hooked, and will want to go to more auctions with me-- I can use an assistant!

The weather was b-a-d -- my car was coated with ice when I went to leave, and I had to use 4-wheel drive to get home. But I got my carload of treasures home safely.
This was a long-time antique dealer's auction, so there was a quite a mix of goodies. So many dish sets, but that's too much work for my taste. And some nice furniture, again, too much work. I like "smalls" - things I can carry by myself, and pack up easily when I sell them.

Like postcards and costume jewelry, as in the many flat display cases they had today.

I almost bought this pair of funky lamps, but again, too much work to ship. I think I'll start a new abbreviation here -- TMW for, yep, Too Much Work.

There were some nice pieces of glass and art pottery. Here's a shot of when they auctioned off a tall Roseville vase. Not TMW, but TMM, Too Much Moolah$.

I did buy these cute vintage Black Americana nodder figurines -- she has no clothes on, and is shaking her head "NO", while he looks excited, and is shaking his head "YES". 

Well that wraps up today. I'm still really looking forward to the Columbus Bottle Show this weekend. Hope to see you there!

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