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Santa Is SO Money! Rare ca 1800s Santa Claus Obsolete Currency

Merry Christmas!

Remember my earlier post about obsolete currency with those neat Lazy Deuces on them? I just love this Lazy Deuce with the Santa Claus vignette.
A number of Northern states designated Christmas as a state holiday in the mid 1800s. Since banks often chose vignettes that would lead customers to have faith in the bank, it is not surprising that Santa Claus vignettes were chosen by some banks to help acquire confidence and goodwill. The banks may have also hoped that customers would set a lower denomination note aside as a keepsake due to the Santa vignette as well. The vignettes found in this collection portray both the thinner Dutch version of Sinterklaas as well as the more Americanized version.
Read more about Santa on banknotes here at Heritage Auctions.
And more info here.

And here's a Lazy Tres!

New York, NY- Saint Nicholas Bank $5 Haxby UNL Proof

New York, NY- Saint Nicholas Bank $5 Haxby UNL Proof

New York, NY- Knickerbocker Bank of the City of New York $2 G4a Proof

New York, NY- Knickerbocker Bank of the City of New York $2 G4a Proof

Chop Suey Joints and Vandersall's Grand Cafe ~ Lima Ohio Trade Token

Trade tokens for the GRAND CAFE / Lima Ohio / S.B. Vandersall 

Ad in the Lima News for the Grand Cafe, 1909, reads:

The Grand Cafe - Attending the Fair is one thing, but knowing where you can eat a nice clean meal and refresh yourself with a cool glass of pure beer is quite another. The Grand Cafe Invites your patronage and will serve you with a promptness, courtesy and cleanliness that will surprise you. Make the Grand Cafe your place to eat and drink while attending the Fair. The Grand Cafe keeps a fine assortment of pure liquors for private and medicinal use, and you should ask our advice in the matter of fine liquors for your household.

The Grand Cafe (Saloon) was located on the Town Square in Lima, which is at Market and Main. The earliest Lima News mention of the Grand Cafe is 1905, the latest is 1917.

Other than this token, I cannot connect Vandersall to the Grand Cafe. Two other names show up in the Lima News as the proprietor:

  • Robert Scott -- 1905 -- had money/legal troubles, (arrested for assault and battery) and closed the Grand Cafe. [Source]
  • John Hilly (Jack) (Hilley) -- purchased and reopened in 1905 [source], and in 1908 was arrested for illegal gambling (running a craps game) at the Grand Cafe. [Source]
While I did not find Vandersall's name mentioned along with the Grand Cafe, I'm guessing he took over after Hilly.

1906 Lima News ad says that "CHOP SUEY is now open at the Grand Cafe". In 1909 there was a new Chop Suey joint* on Wayne Street [Source]. There is no further mention of Chop Suey connected to the Grand Cafe, so they probably split up when Vandersall took over from Hilly.

I did find that his full name was Sardis Birchard Vandersall. (Also spelled online as Sardis Burch Vandersall.) 

Sardis Burch Vandersall - born in Sep 1867 in Jackson Twp, Sandusky, Ohio. He died in 1918 in LIma, Allen, Ohio. Buried - Kansas Cemetery, Liberty Twp., Seneca, Ohio.

He married Mary Viola Lewman, (born Jan 1865 in Liberty Twp, Seneca, Ohio; died in 1929) on 1 Nov 1893 in Seneca Co., Ohio. They had one child, Marie Vandersall, born in June 1897.

He was named after Sardis Birchard, who was President Rutherford Birchard Hayes' uncle, and a well known Ohio merchant. [Source]

No other info found on Scott or Hilly.

Note: Not to be confused with this S.B. Vandersall, whose first name was Stanley, of Columbus Ohio, who was State Secretary of Christian Endeavor, a religious society, in 1916:

The concept of Chop Suey Joints, as they were called, came to be as thousands of Chinese laborers came to America for the Gold Rush, then to build the railroads. After that they created ''Chinatowns" within cities all over the country, and of course opened restaurants, which were soon ''discovered'' by the rest of the population, and by the turn of the century there were 100's of 'Chop Suey joints', becoming 1,000's. There are now more Chinese restaurants in the U.S. than any other ethnic cuisine. [SourceEating History: Thirty Turning Points in the Making of American Cuisine By Andrew F. Smith, 2009]


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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Halloween Lovers Dream Auction of Rare Funeral Collection: Real Skeletons, Antique Caskets, Post Mortem Photos

Halloween Lovers may have thought they had died and gone to Haunted Heaven when they attended a truly unusual auction that was held in 2008 in Lima, Ohio, when a Collection-Macabre was sold off to the highest bidders!

We're talking real skeletons in real caskets, and other Funeral Home and Mortician memorabilia. Plus there were catalogs of caskets, and even garments that the funeral home could order to bury the deceased in, like the two pairs of Slumber Slippers, with lace-up backs to fit multiple sizes.

There were some small child's caskets, and several adult size caskets with real skeletons inside. The skeletons sold from $250.00 - $800.00 -- each!

A Victorian “toe-pincher”, also called “heel squeezers” or Dracula coffins because of their narrow tapering foot, sold $675.

Lots of casket handles and hardware, too.
I really liked the little folk-arty diorama of a cemetery. Perfect if you are really into decorating for Halloween!

Antique dealer Don Orwig recognized several of the faux-skeletons sold at the auction and lighted coffins as items from ceremonies hosted years ago by the Odd Fellows fraternity.
“Two of the coffins I bought were rigged with lights and the skeletons lighted up,” he said. “We’re seeing more of those, now that several of the old lodges are losing their membership and selling out. There’s quite a few collectors for these things, particularly among the Odd Fellows.” [Source]

The auction generated lots of excitement, and reporters came from all around -- here's the Toledo Blade article, and the Lima News article. Just check this google search to read some of the other newspaper articles.

I had hoped that there would have been some death-related and post-mortem postcards and photos like the examples below, but there weren't.

Here's an interesting book on Post Mortem Collectibles - link.

Here's the link to some post mortem items on ebay now.

Google's image search for Post Mortem items has some great photos.

Do the Bogie Book BOOgie! - Collecting Dennison's Bogie Books ~ TOP 10 Ebay Listings of Vintage Halloween Collectibles

This Halloween, Do the Bogie Book BOOgie!

1925 Dennison's Bogie Book

  • Inside are the cutest orange & black illustrations of party ideas, using the wonderful Dennison's line of party favors and decorations. Try to find those items now-- very pricy!

  •  TOP 10 List of the Most Watched Vintage Halloween Auctions on Ebay Now:

Happy Halloween -- Here's A Few Vintage Postcards

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