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National Tequila Day - Let's Go back in Time to Hussong's Cantina in Ensenada

Well, it's National Tequila Day today (July 24). I tried to find out who decided that, but could find no exact culprit. Logic says it was a liquor company. So I guess we can't blame this one on Hallmark.

I'm tempted into honoring the Tequila Gods, and indulging in a little Jose Cuervo tonight, but we all know there's no such thing as a little Cuervo -- I mean, crack open the bottle and throw away the cap, right?! At least that's what I'd have done (did) "back in the day". 

My next thought -- "Hey, wonder if I have any tequila collectibles?"

I wish I could say I pulled out my copy of:

The Champs' 1958 recording of their R&B grammy winning TEQUILA, but no, I don't own it. Yet.

I did dig out my one and only tequila-related item. It's a ceramic jug with raised design that once held HUSSONG'S Tequila. 

Hussong's Cantina is a great bar down in Ensenada, Mexico. 

When I was in high school, we spent many a summer night there, after long days on the beach. As the current owner, Ricardo Hussong says, "It was way wilder in the ‘70s." Ah, good times. Enough said there. ;-)

On a historical note, the Margarita was invented at Hussong's - for realz!

Hussong's Cantina is still there, and still the place to go in Ensenada. Established in 1892, Hussong's is the oldest cantina in the Californias (California in the United States and Baja California in Mexico).
" ...opened Hussong's Cantina, back in 1892. Today, over 100 years later, it's hard to beat the $2.00 margaritas and the live mariachis that help make this fine drinking establishment one of the most famous bars in the world. ..." 

Why I didn't take, or buy any souvenirs, I don't know. But thank goodness for ebay. That's where I bought my jug, even if it does have a Zanesville Pottery (Ohio) sticker on the bottom. I doubt if it was ever even in Hussongs ...

Here are a few items that were on ebay -- the cool ashtray, and a metal bar tray. Maybe I'll watch for more Hussong's items... or maybe I'll just enjoy my memories of the good times I had there....

This is what Hussong's looked like when I went there in the 1970's:

Hussong's in 1908 [Source: Ensenada Historic Photos]

and Circa 1920s

J.C. Baber & Son Cement Block Company Elida Ohio RPPC 1907

J.C. Baber family photos, above, source: FamilySearch

Here is an enlargement of part of a RPPC* (listed on ebay / June 2015).

It reads: J.C. BABER & SON / ELIDA OHIO / JUNE 1907

About French Figural Bottles Marked Depose by LeGras

Just a little info about those wonderful figural bottles / decanters that are marked DEPOSE.

They are French. Depose means Registered (similar to patented or licensed, etc.)

They date from the 1890s to the 1920's.

A great many were made by the famous art glass company Le Gras et Cie started by François-Théodore Legras. They made bottles in all kinds of themes, shapes, and subjects.

Jackson & Davidson Carriage Manufactory Lima Ohio 1875 - Bought by Bimel Auto Co.

In 1872 Jackson & Davidson established a carriage factory on Tanner and Market Streets; which was continued until 1881. when L. Bimel & Son of St. Mary's, Ohio, purchased the concern. Since that time this industry has increased rapidly. A large force of skilled mechanics is employed. [Source: History of Allen Cty.; published 1885]

Jackson & Davidson's business was mentioned in the Lima papers often in 1874.

Jackson and Davidson were involved in the Greenback Party and formed a Lima Currency Reform group in 1877, meeting in their own building, the Jackson Davidson Hall.  [Source]

Charles Davidson left Lima in 1882, moving to Canton, Illinois. [Source]

The building, pictured above, located at the corner of Market and Tanner, eventually became the Lima Carriage Company. [Source]

Then we skip to 1909 for Jackson's wife's obituary:
"PIONEER CITIZEN MRS. L. W. JACKSON, OF SPENCERSVILLE PASSES AWAY AT OLD AGE. Mrs. L. W. Jackson, one of the pioneer residents of Allen county, died at her home in Spencerville Saturday, after a protracted illness of many months. Mrs. Jackson was the wife of L. W. Jackson, one of Lima's first carriage manufacturers, who with a Mr. Davidson conducted a carriage manufactory at the corner of East Market Street and Central Ave. for years. Mr. and Mrs. Jackon have resided in Spencervllle for the past eighteen or nineteen years, prior to which they were residents of Lima for fifteen years. Mrs. Jackon was seventy years of age last February. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. George Landis, of Spencerville, and her aged husband to mourn heir loss. The interment was made at Woodlawn Cemetery."
The Bimel Buggy Company went on to reorganize as the Bimel Automobile Co. in February of 1916. Read a detailed history on Sidney Ohio's auto and bus manufacturing companies: http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/s/sidney/sidney.htm. It doesn't mention Jackson and Davidson, but does tell of how Bimel bought out other Ohio companies to grow and expand.


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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