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Halloween Lovers Dream Auction of Rare Funeral Collection: Real Skeletons, Antique Caskets, Post Mortem Photos

Halloween Lovers may have thought they had died and gone to Haunted Heaven when they attended a truly unusual auction that was held in 2008 in Lima, Ohio, when a Collection-Macabre was sold off to the highest bidders!

We're talking real skeletons in real caskets, and other Funeral Home and Mortician memorabilia. Plus there were catalogs of caskets, and even garments that the funeral home could order to bury the deceased in, like the two pairs of Slumber Slippers, with lace-up backs to fit multiple sizes.

There were some small child's caskets, and several adult size caskets with real skeletons inside. The skeletons sold from $250.00 - $800.00 -- each!

A Victorian “toe-pincher”, also called “heel squeezers” or Dracula coffins because of their narrow tapering foot, sold $675.

Lots of casket handles and hardware, too.
I really liked the little folk-arty diorama of a cemetery. Perfect if you are really into decorating for Halloween!

Antique dealer Don Orwig recognized several of the faux-skeletons sold at the auction and lighted coffins as items from ceremonies hosted years ago by the Odd Fellows fraternity.
“Two of the coffins I bought were rigged with lights and the skeletons lighted up,” he said. “We’re seeing more of those, now that several of the old lodges are losing their membership and selling out. There’s quite a few collectors for these things, particularly among the Odd Fellows.” [Source]

The auction generated lots of excitement, and reporters came from all around -- here's the Toledo Blade article, and the Lima News article. Just check this google search to read some of the other newspaper articles.

I had hoped that there would have been some death-related and post-mortem postcards and photos like the examples below, but there weren't.

Here's an interesting book on Post Mortem Collectibles - link.

Here's the link to some post mortem items on ebay now.

Google's image search for Post Mortem items has some great photos.

Do the Bogie Book BOOgie! - Collecting Dennison's Bogie Books ~ TOP 10 Ebay Listings of Vintage Halloween Collectibles

This Halloween, Do the Bogie Book BOOgie!

1925 Dennison's Bogie Book

  • Inside are the cutest orange & black illustrations of party ideas, using the wonderful Dennison's line of party favors and decorations. Try to find those items now-- very pricy!

  •  TOP 10 List of the Most Watched Vintage Halloween Auctions on Ebay Now:

Happy Halloween -- Here's A Few Vintage Postcards

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Morrison's & McCune's Cigar Store 1904 Lima Ohio RPPC

Let's look at this real photo postcard (RPPC) of a cigar shop called MORRISON'S.

The signs advertising San Felice and El Verso cigars, two brands that we know were made in Lima by the Deisel Wemmer Company, certainly caught my eye.

A little research confirms that this is Morrison's Cigar Co., and was located on the town square in Lima, Ohio, circa 1904.

In 1904 Morrison added a 2nd location, inside the Hotel Norval. Then he sold this, his original town square shop, to Mr. McCune. You can see the name McCune's Cigar Store at the top of the San Felice sign.

V.R. Morrison then became the manager of the Hotel Norval:

[1904] "The old but true expression that "You cannot keep good people down" was never more fully and strikingly demonstrated in Lima than in the career of the Morrison Cigar Co. A comparatively short time has seen that firm rise to the foremost ranks of the cigar trade of Northwestern Ohio. And now another step forward has been taken. Appreciating the demand for good clean goods at the Hotel Norval, the Morrison Cigar Co has opened a first class branch in the Hotel Norval lobby, with Oscar Long behind the case. Nothing but the choicest brands of cigars and the most select brands of cigarettes will be handled at this new stand. The Morrison Cigar Co. is to be congratulated on the elegant business opportunities afforded in this new venture." [Source ]

1905 Lima News announcement: McCUNE'S Formerly Morrison Cigar Co,, N. W. Cor. Public Square. [Source] 

From this point, until 1920, we see ads for Hotel Norval with V.R. Morrison as the manager, but no further mention of Morrison's Cigar Co., or Oscar Long.

C.J. McCune sold out to N. J. Whitney and Ritner Hale in 1911.[Source]

Christopher James McCune went on to be a printer/publisher of postcards, as well as having a successful insurance company, and other endeavors. [Source] [Obit]

I will cover Lima's legendary cigar companies, as well as Hotel Norval in future posts.

Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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Your Guide to the Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show September 2014 ~ 2,000+ #Vintage Dealers!

Photo by Marianne Dow


The 2014 Fall Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market Extravaganza is rapidly approaching... 

September 19, 20 & 21 . 2014

It's time for the BIGGEST outdoor antique show in Ohio: the famous Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show. For over 25 years, twice a year, this monthly antique show kicks it into overdrive and over 2,000 antiques and vintage dealers cover the fairgrounds venue. Wear your comfiest walking shoes!

Show details:
The show is located at the Clark County Fairgrounds, 4401 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield, Ohio 45502. [Google maps link.]

Directions and details here on the Extravaganza's website.

Early Bird -- the only way to Fly  Shop!

Friday, May 19th -- 7AM to Noon: 

Admission is only $12 (free parking) -- and it is good for all 3 days

This is a great value for all you serious shoppers. Get a hotel room and shop all 3 days. And you can hit the Springfield antique malls too. There are 2 big malls, with another 1,000+ dealers! 

To Arrrr or not to aarrr, that's the question. If you want to know more about Int'l Talk Like A Pirate Day go here.

Release the Hounds --- at Noon!  

FRIDAY at noon the ''regular shopping'' begins. Although this is the Extravaganza, so there's nothing regular about it. There's still plenty of treasures left.
Admission $7 (free parking)

Now also at the Extravaganzas: 
a Show inside the show, 
the Vintage Marketplace.

The new centerpiece of the show is the Vintage Marketplaceunder the big white tents in the center of the fairgrounds. The Vintage Marketplace gals have set up their show-within-a-show at the last few Extravaganzas, and that has brought a whole to crop of dealers, hundreds more shoppers, and amped the vintage vibe way up. Their advertising and promoting has really helped to grow the Springfield Extravaganza.

[Read my news about the Vintage Marketplace's new Columbus, Ohio show.] 

See more of my photos from the May 2013 Extravaganza, showing the Vintage Marketplace's big white tent, overflowing with treasures.

Watch this 

Screen shot - click to go through to PBS to watch the episode of Market Warriors when they were filming at Springfield Extravaganza May 2012.

The Extravaganza lives up to its name. Watch when the PBS show, Market Warriors, filmed an episode at there, in May 2012. Watch the entire episode online here at PBS.

See my post with all the fun photos I took of the cast and crew while I was there hunting for vintage treasures -- here. This is just one shot of Miller Gaffney:

[See My May 2013 Springfield Extravaganza Antique Show Photo Album]

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