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A Shot Heard Round the Corner, or 'Cafe Talk' ~ The Corner Cafe Lima, Ohio

A Shot of Appreciation
135 E. Market LIMA, O.

The Corner Cafe was on Market at Union since at least 1947, when they fell victim to a rubber check:

thst a check of this description was cashed at the Corner Cafe, 135 E. Market St., Friday and was returned from Drossett Bank marked 
"no funds." -- Lima News March 13, 1947

In 1957 there was a police report about a ''woman getting stewed at the Corner Cafe''.

The Corner Cafe apparently had to find a new corner when the City of Lima appropriated the Market Street building so they could build the current Municipal Court Building. They started the ''legal'' proceedings in 1965, also as per The Lima News:

Lima Starts Court Action To Obtain Downtown Sites 
Lima started legal proceedings in Common Pleas Court today to obtain a cluster of buildings at the northwest corner of East Market and North Union. 
Applications for appropriation proceedings were filed in the Clerk of Courts office today. The actions are against the owners and occupants of four properties on Market. Owner of the adjoining building of 133 EMarket on the corner are Richard L. Jones and Gertrude Jones, Thomas J. Odenweller with Bernard Shore, wno operates Laflin, Frederick's Beauty School  
Also named in the action as the occupant, is Joseph Venturella who operates the Corner Cafe.

In the Lima News, 2007: 
Nick Venturella, owner of the Corner Cafe in Lima, which has been at 
the corner of Bellefontaine and Grove avenues in Lima for more than 
40 years. Venturella boasts his customers "don't go away hungry."

Nick and Joseph Venturella were brothers. Joseph passed in 1960, Nick in 1984. [Source

Nick operated at the "new" location starting July 15,1966.

The restaurant closed about 2007/2008. Here's a Google Street View from 2008. The building has since been demolished.

It wasn't attractive, but was a local institution for at least 70 years. Points for that, right?!


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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Fast Cooking with Gas! B.G. Devoe's Inventions ~ Collecting Lima Ohio



Lima Iron Fence Company, was organized in June, 1882, with H. Kibby, president; T. T. Mitchell, vice-president; F. W. Holmes, secretary; Kibby, Mitchell and Dr. Ashton, executive committee; and B. G. DeVoe, superintendent. The fence manufactured is the DeVoe and Ramsay patent, at once neat and durable. 
The original building is 50x200, to which other buildings were added in 1882-83. The leading products are iron fence, cresting, verandas, cellar and window guards, stair and counter railings, and hitching posts. The iron used is all malleable iron. The directors elected in January, are H. Kibby, J. R. Ashton, Robert Mehaffey, E. Ashton, T. T. Mitchell and James Irvine.
In January, 1885, John Carnes and C. S. Garretson retired from the Lima Iron Fence Company. The business of the company will be conducted under the same firm name by W. L. Porter [Read about Lima's Pain King], D. E. Fritz, F. X. White and Frank W. Holmes.

B. G. DeVoe, general manager of the Hydro Carbon Fuel and Gas Co of 
Cincinnati, returned to that city yesterday, after spending Sunday 
with his family bere.

1911 -- B.G. DeVoe, a well known and venerable citizen, was removed by ambulance from his home to the city hospital. He is about 80 years of age and is in serious condition, suffering from an attack of pneumonia. 
He is the father of Capt. Frank DeVoe, of the south fire department, and has a number of other well known sons.

This has been a quick look at: 
Benjamin Green Devoe
[approx. dates: 1831-1911]
Kenton, Ohio and Lima, Ohio resident, businessman, inventor and patentor of several inventions, including the B.G. DEVOE HYDRO-CARBON GAS GENERATOR. 

Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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New Antique Show in Columbus Ohio June 22 2014 ~ Vintage Marketplace Show

Coming to Columbus, Ohio

Starting in June 2014, the Vintage Marketplace folks are expanding their antiques show empire. They have shows in Indianapolis, Nashville and Springfield. Now they're adding a Columbus Ohio show. Yay!

The innaugural show will be held on Sunday June 22, 2014 / 10am - 5pm. 

And mark your calendars now for these future dates:

  • July 13
  • August 23
  • September 13
  • October 19

" A marketplace for vintage, antique, Re & Upcycled or unique goods for your modern lifestyle, the Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace will become the go to monthly source for all thing unique, remarkable & awesome. Whether vintage, antique, re & up-cycled, artisanal or just plain amazing, you'll find that one of a kind stylish blast from the past to add to your fast paced contemporary lifestyle. "

I'll be setting up there, so be sure to find my booth and say HI! Here's a small sample of some of the wonderful treasures I'll be bringing.

The show will be held at the Aladdin Shrine Event Center 3850 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219-3096 [Directions] [Google maps link]

Admission is $5

You can get more info from:

I checked out the website of the venue, the Aladdin Shrine Event Center, and it's a beautiful new large facility that hosts lots of wedding receptions and other events.

Can't wait to see the vintage goodies that will fill it up instead of these dining tables!

From the ASC's website:
The Aladdin Shrine Event & Conference Center. 
Conveniently located near Port Columbus International Airport and the Easton Area, our center can host events of all sizes -- from 30 to 2,600.
  • Free parking for 650 vehicles.
  • Close to all major interstates.
  • Ten minutes from downtown Columbus and minutes from the Airport
  • Nearby shopping at Easton and easy access to many fine Columbus hotels.
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On Prosperity Road: From Pangle's to Scot Lad Foods to Rays, Roundys, Chief, & Nash Finch ~ Collecting Lima Ohio

Scot Lad Canned Pop -- 12 for $1.00

Pangles / Scot Lad / Roundy's / Nash Finch warehouse location on Prosperity Road, at Pangle Street

Evolutionary Links in Lima's Food Chain

This vintage soda pop can came up in my daily Lima Ohio ebay search, and caught me by surprise. As a non-native Liman (?), there are/were many local businesses that I am unaware of.

This Scot Lad soda pop can has Lima, Ohio on it. So of course that meant I had to look into the company.

  • Scot Lad Foods was a large grocery firm out of Lansing, Illinois, formed in 1961 when HS Davies and Meadowmoor Dairy merged. HS Davies supplied grocery products to Lima's Pangles Grocery stores. [Source]
  • Scot Lad bought Lima's Pangles Grocery business in 1963, establishing Scot Lad's Lima distribution center (in the Pangles Lima warehouse), hence this can.
  • Roundy's bought Scot Lad Foods in 1984, changing the name of the Lima distribution center.
  • The Pangles Grocery stores then became Ray's, named after the founder's son. 
  • The Ray's stores were sold to Chief Supermarkets, a Defiance, Ohio company (In 2013). 
  • In 2005 Roundy's sold their Lima location to Nash Finch, which has now merged with Spartan [SpartanNash].


Note: These items are part of my ''Collecting Lima Virtual Museum''. They are not for sale.

If/when I find more information on these items, I will add it to the post.

Read the Introduction to my ''Collecting Lima'' Virtual Museum Project, all about my Lima Ohio Bottles, Advertising, Antiques collection.

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Collecting: Antique Ice Skates ~ Curly Blades, Unusual Designs

Doll Skates -- These tiny skates came in a box with a litho picture of a couple skating.

Swan skates, usually made with high curly prow, others made with etched-metal swan head at blade prow, hundreds of dollars to $5000. 
[Image source: VirtualIceSkatesMuseum.com ]

Strap-on ice skates with metal ankle supports, combined with structured boots, and you get the modern boot skate we all know.

Bone skates are mostly found in museums and date back 1500 to 1700 years ago.

I was an ice skater for many years, and that's where Jeff and I met. And yet as an antique collector/dealer, I never thought about collecting antique ice skates. Of course, I have never run across the likes of the skates shown -- some so primitive, and some so intricately fashioned.

View a wonderful collection of antique ice skates, with lots of history and info at the VirtualIceSkatesMuseum.com

The Maine Antique Digest had an  article about ANTIQUE ICE SKATES written by Ann Bates (viewable by subscribers only).

Excerpts from the article:
"...how far back in history the ice skate goes? Fifteen to seventeen hundred years ago, animal bones were strapped to fur-wrapped feet, the method used by hunters to transport themselves over ice and snow..."

"...European influence on skates extended into the early 1800's. Some of the blades had elaborate "turn-overs" in the front (prow) that were ornamental but served a useful purpose as well by helping the blade glide over very rough ice, especially when racing. These interesting skates had blades with holes along their length to create a lighter skate. ..."

" In 1848 E.V. Bushnell, an American mechanic, made an all-metal skate, forging the blade and the foot plate together. ... More than 200 different skate inventions flooded the United States patent office. " 
" During this era the most commonly purchased skates cost around $7 a pair. Both Barney and Berry and Union Hardware antique ice skates are still available in antiques shops, on eBay, and in many other places. B & B was in business until 1919 when the firm was purchased by Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut. At the height of its operation Barney and Berry produced 600,000 pairs of skates annually and employed 250 workers. This explains why there are still many B & B skates on today's market; they sell for $25 to $50. Some rarer skate models, which cost several hundred dollars today, were gold-plated and engraved with the owner's name. Antique children's ice skates are rare and usually more expensive. "

Join the Antique Ice Skate Club www.antiqueiceskateclub.com/.

Watch ebay completed listings for antique ice skates prices.

See the huge archive of vintage art and photos of ice skaters and skates on pinterest.

Vist the World Figure Skating Museum website.

Antique Ice Skates for the Collector by Russell Herner

Here's a 2001 book about antique skates, with a price guide. Available on Amazon (link).


Here is a concise history of skating, from the first bone skates to the early 1900s, and a guide to antique ice skates for collectors and historians alike. It will enable the reader to identify the various skate types, styles, designs, approximate ages, countries of origin, and rarity. More than 250 photographs, lavishly illustrated artwork, and original patent designs present skates from countries such as Holland, England, Germany, and America. A chapter on skaters lanterns is also included. A general price guide will aid in evaluating a collection. This book will pique the interests of collectors and dealers in several fields, including antique ice skates, lanterns, miniatures, and tools.

It begins with an overview; the next four chapters cover ice skates from Holland, England, Germany and America. Then four additional chapters on American Patents, Children's Ice Skates, Ice Skate Accessories & Memorabilia and finally, Skaters Lanterns. There are three more brief chapters on Collectors & Their Collections, a general price guide and a conclusion. The book features glossy pages with hundreds of beautiful large color photographs, several etchings & illustrations, with just the right amount of informative written content, showcasing an extensive antique ice skate collection.

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